8 Montreal Restaurants With Beautiful "Summer Gardens" You Can Bring Your Girlfriend To

You'll fall in love with the freshness.
8 Montreal Restaurants With Beautiful "Summer Gardens" You Can Bring Your Girlfriend To

Ah, summertime. Arguably one of the best seasons in Montreal (okay, not arguably, it's straight-up the best), the city is full of awesome things to do, and places to go to, once the sunshine hits.

Oh, and we happen to have tons of romantic summer spots, too - and lots of those spots include one of the most romantic attractions of all: gardens. That's right, friends. If you and bae love surrounding yourselves with all things green and magical, while enjoying a tasty meal, then you're in luck.

1. Les Fillettes

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1226 Avenue Van Horne

Yes, it's true that we've already given the terrasse at Les Fillettes a whole lot of love in the past. But if you've ever stepped foot onto their whimsical, garden-like outdoor space, then you know exactly why.

First of all, this terrasse looks like something out of a literal movie. It's got lamp posts, greenery, and good vibes all around, making it one of the best garden-like terrassed to take that special someone. Plus, best part? You get to nosh on Les Fillette's awesome food while enjoying the garden view. All the wins,


2. Maison Boulud

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1228 Sherbrooke St W

Located in Montreal's Ritz-Carleton Hotel, Maison Boulud knows how to create one seriously on point garden ambiance. The outdoor terrasse is incredibly impressive, with a legit pond, gazebos, grass... Honestly, it looks like some sort of garden paradise.

And, protip? Get yourself here for a little brunch date, for sure. Nothing screams romance quite like getting your mimosa on as you chill on a tiny wooden bridge overlooking one of Montreal's most popular hotels.


3. Boris Bistro

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465 Rue McGill

An honestly amazing hidden gem in Montreal, you and your garden-loving date should absolutely get yourselves to Boris Bistro, ASAP. First of all, the terrasse is gorgeous. It looks like some kind of garden haven, right here in the city; and if you want to take your S/O someplace that proves you know all the best spots in Montreal, you know where to go.

Plus, bonus points for having one incredibly tasty menu, full of classic French dishes - like their french fries fried in duck fat, duck risotto, and red tuna - and full of awesomeness, too.


4. Jatoba

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1184 Place Phillips

Friends, if you haven't been to Jatoba yet... yeah, you've got to get there. This Japanese restaurant never fails at serving up fresh and beyond tasty dishes; and their food menu is super huge, meaning that no matter what you're in the mood for, they've got you covered.

And their terrasse? Yeah. If your date loves garden-like terrasses almost as much as they love you, then you're absolutely going to want to take them to this magical, beautiful, mystical Downtown Montreal spot.


5. Renoir

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1155 Rue Sherbrooke O

Renoir is located in Montreal's Sofitel Hotel, and honestly, it's one incredibly impressive terrasse. Besides being beautiful and huge, meaning it can accommodate you and your date and a bunch of your friends, this spot also has an undeniable upscale feeling to it; honestly, chilling there makes you feel super special.

Which makes it the perfect place to take the special person in your life, TBH. And, while you're at it, treat them to some drinks for extra good vibes


6. Le Local

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740 Rue William

Guys, prepare to have your mind blown wide open by a garden/terrasse/actual paradise on earth. First of all, the food at Le Local is super tasty; even without their magical garden-like terrasse, Le Local would quite possibly be your go-to date spot, just for their selection of French dishes (Atlantic salmon tartare with truffle oil and lime, anyone?).

Once you see their terrasse, though, you'll understand why it's pretty much the star of this restaurant. Huge and beautiful, and complete with tons of greenery, gazebos, sofas, and much more, your date will totally fall in love with this spot.


7. Grenade

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1603 Rue Ontario E

Okay, who here loves Asian street food? Everyone? Great! Because at this Plateau restaurant you're in for some serious Asian street food delights - as well as the best bao buns in all of Montreal.

Combine this with their super fair prices, friendly and trendy atmosphere, and- of course - with their gorgeous, garden-like terrasse, you know you and your girlfriend are in for one seriously good time,


8. Agrikol

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1844 Rue Amherst

Haitian food and cocktail lovers, this one's for you. Agrikol offers some beyond amazing Haitian food and rum-based cocktails, like their Dark And Stormy cocktail, featuring rhum, lime, and ginger beer, and their beyond amazing cashew chicken.

But one of my favourite parts about this restaurant is, hands down, their terrasse. Reminiscent of your best friend's warm, welcoming, and whimsical backyard, the terrasse at Agrikol's got a seriously friendly and eclectic vibe - one that's sure to impress the most important person in your life, to boot.


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