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8 Montreal Shops Where You Can Get Cheap And Cute Clothes For Back To School

Make a good impression, and save your money.

Alright, guys, school's starting up again. Do you know what that means? No, not lots of alcohol and all-nighters. It means the start of a brand new (and fresh AF) wardrobe.

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Which, sadly, just so happens to probably cost tons and tons of money. But no worries if you're saving your cash for textbooks; there are still lots of shops in Montreal specializing in upping your wardrobe game without leaving you totally broke.

1. Cul-De-Sac

A photo posted by Caroline Ste-Marie ?? (@c.arolines) on

3794 Boul St-Laurent

This Plateau boutique specializes in one thing: making sure you look lit AF without lighting your money on fire. Cul-De-Sac is widely known in the city for offering gorgeous secondhand clothing at prices that just might make your whole jaw drop... plus the clothes themselves are known to be a little more on the unique (and awesome) side.


2. Kooka

A photo posted by Nicola Place (@nix.p) on

3664 Boul St-Laurent

TBH, Kooka is one of my fave stores forever. Their clothes are extremely good quality and super cute, and although the prices might be a touch higher than other spots on this list, their sales are usually incredibly awesome. Plus, in my opinion, the clothes here tend to last a super long time, so it's super worth it to splurge just a tad on something from Kooka.


3. Boutique Mika

A photo posted by boutikmika (@boutikmika) on

4116 Boul St-Laurent

Mika is an extremely fantastic place to go to revamp that wardrobe. Their clothes tend to be incredibly inexpensive, and considering that all their pieces are super stylish and versatile (you can wear their clothes for a night out, a day in class, or pretty much anything you want). Sounds awesome? You know it does!


4. Citizen Vintage

A photo posted by Citizen Vintage (@citizenvintage) on

5330 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Are you into that super cute vintage look? (The correct answer is yes, yes you are). Then, trust, you won't find a better spot to stock up on your fave vintage pieces than the Plateau's Citizen Vintage. Not only does this spot have a never-ending supply of gorgeous, unique pieces, that are sure to totally make all of your back to school outfits, but for what you're getting, the cost of the clothes here is relatively inexpensive.


5. Boutique Onze

A photo posted by Onze Montréal (@onze_montreal) on

4146 Rue Saint-Denis

Boutique Onze is home to gorgeous clothes and incredibly fair prices - and that's not even the best part. They've got a wide range of different styles, so that no matter what your taste is, you're bound to find something you love. And considering the price/quality of these pieces is unbeatable, you know you're absolutely going to leave happy.


6. Local 23

A photo posted by Local 23 (@local23montreal) on

23 Rue Bernard O

This vintage shop/friperie is fairly popular in the city, and one step into this gorgeous Plateau/Mile End spot will tell you exactly why. Local 23 is filled with unique finds, and gorgeous secondhand clothes, that'll no doubt fit any taste, but also happens to be inexpensive to boot. Lovers of clothes, you know where to go.


7. Empire Exchange

A photo posted by Empire Exchange (@empireexchange) on

51 Rue Bernard O

Alright, I'm just going to straight up admit that I find every single thing about this shop adorable. The decor, the vibe, the items they carry - there's honestly nothing to love about this place, and that includes the fact that they offer up some seriously gorgeous and cute clothes, for a fraction of the cost you might find somewhere else. Winning on all accounts? You know it.


8. Denim Kings

A photo posted by #DenimKings (@denimkings) on

8575 Boul St-Laurent

If you're looking to dress yourself and save your money, then look no further. Denim Kings is here to save your day, your money, your semester, and maybe even your life. Okay, well, maybe not your life, but still - Denim Kings offers big brands, gorgeous clothes, and a whole bunch of clothing options, all for super, super cheap. Feel like saving money and looking awesome? You know exactly where to go.


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