8 Montreal Shops Where You Can Get Cheap Summer Dresses

Look fresh AF for the summer.
8 Montreal Shops Where You Can Get Cheap Summer Dresses

Honestly, friends, if you're not thinking about your summer wardrobe, what are you even doing? Thinking about finals? Working? Living ya life? No. Unacceptable. 

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All jokes aside, it really is time to start thinking about what you'll be wearing this summer. You don't want to be caught in surprise 37 degree weather, with nothing to wear but your winter kints, right?

And if you're looking for that perfect summer dress... well, your search just might be over. I got you, friend. I got you.


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3664 Boul St-Laurent

Honestly, this is one of my fave spots to find some seriously cute (and pretty inexpensive) dresses. Their style is super on trend, and although they have a whole lot of dresses to pick from, they've also got tons of other clothes and shoes, too.


Boutique Onze

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4151 St Laurent Blvd

This super fun shop is like a haven for anyone who loves good fashion, and not paying a lot of money for good fashion. The pieces here are pretty much breathtaking, and the prices are super fair!