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8 Montreal Studies You Can Get Paid For Right Now In The City

#1 $800 to play videogames.

Science- it cures diseases, makes movies and flies us across the globe. It's cast a light on our origins and equipped us for a tentative future. Oh, and it will also pay you to play video games.Yes, that's right.

Scientific studies are always looking for new participants and they're often willing to compensate you heftily for your time. As a prominent university city, Montreal is filled with top-notch scientists and research, so there's always some interesting study going on that you can sign up for. Whether you're in need of extra poutine money or just curious about what it's like to be a guinea pig, volunteering as a research subject is an excellent way to gain both an interesting experience and some cash to line your pockets. From paid napping to gaming, here are eight participant studies you can sign up for right now in Montreal.

1. Video Game Training Study

These researchers will compensate you with $800 in exchange for time to train you on an action video game. The only requirements are that you're 18 to 30 years old and don't normally play video games. So for those of you non-gamers who were considering trying out the realm of gaming, this is an excellent way to introduce yourself to that world while earning some major pocket change at the same time.

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 2. Brain Imaging Research

If you've never done stimulant drugs before, this study will pay you to try amphetamines in a safe and legal environment. Whether you're curious about the drugs, you want to know what a brain imaging scan is like or you just want some extra cash, this would be an interesting study to sign up for.

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3. Sequence Learning Study

This study involves finger movements, listening tests and non-invasive brain stimulation. For 1.5 hours of your time, you'll be compensated $30. The only requirements are that you're right handed and have no prior musical training.

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4. Sleep Research Study

If you remember your dreams on a regular basis and you practice Vipassana meditation, these researchers will pay you $110 to, among other things, nap at their lab, chat with them about your dreams and keep a dream diary. Paid sleeping? Yes please.

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5. Motor Memory Study

Researching the effect of sleep on memory, this study will pay you in exchange for time to test your motor skill learning abilities. You must be right handed with good quality of sleep and you cannot be a smoker or musician.

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6. Lift Study

For $40, you will be tested on various muscular and lifting tasks. Don't worry- they're not looking for body builders. In fact, you can't participate if you play sports more than once a week or have recently engaged in resistance training. You also cannot have sought medical attention for upper body muscular pain in the past year.

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7. Spacial Memory Study

Investigating virtual navigation, these researchers will pay you $145 to consume a protein drink, then engage in various memory and cognitive tasks. If you're a student, this shouldn't be much different than everyday life, except with payment.

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8. Movement Study

This study will pay you $60 to engage in movements while working with a robotic arm. Money aside, I'd sign up for this study just to feel like Tony Stark for a day. The requirements are that you're under 30 years old and right handed.

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