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8 Montreal Venue Horror Stories

Disturbing pasts of Montreal iconic locations.
8 Montreal Venue Horror Stories

Photo cred - Karel Chladek

The show "American Horror Story" has taken over many people's lives, including mine. We decided to list up and inform you on rumored buildings and places here are places in Montreal that perhaps house evil spirits based on tragic events from the past. These locations would be perfect material for Montreal's own "Horror Story".

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Le Cinq Montreal

It is now branded as Le Cinq Montreal but who hasn't been to Club 1234's infamous Chocolate/Foam parties at one point in their lives? I haven't, but I hear they were kind of a big deal. Well, now each time you go there, this popular nightspot is said to house evil spirits as it was once a funeral home. People specifically refer to the apparition of a naked woman with Y shaped scar walking around the building. Have you had too much to drink, or are you onto something? Only one way to find out, trap it in a bottle of holy

Fort de l'Île Sainte-Hélène

This island has seen some things. It is home to a mass grave with 800 soldiers who were massacred when their General misguidedly put them in the enemy's line of fire. It is rumoured that as the sun sets, apparitions of the soldiers can be seen walking around the island, most likely bitching about how stupid their General was. I think it's worth an investigation!

Mount Royal Cemetery

This site is believed to be one of the most supernaturally active in Montreal. Apparitions have been seen walking through the cemetery or hanging off the edge overlooking the rocky cliffs. The most notable apparition is of an Algonquin Native Canadian warrior. The perfect place to check out on an impromptu drunk-walk up the mountain.

Queen Elizabeth Hotel

This hotel was completed in 1958 and is the largest in Quebec. In addition to having been the iconic setting for John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Bed-in" in Room 1742, the hotel is rumoured to host an apparition in the form of a "woman in white". She wanders the hallways and occasionally roams in guests' rooms. People have also reported feelings of being watched, and sudden cold spots. A voyeur-groping ghost in white perhaps?

Royal Victoria Hospital

The hospital, established in 1893, has had reports of paranormal activities consisting of mysterious footstep sounds, buzzers going off at random, and disembodied voices. These may all be the result of the inherent creepiness of a hospital, but you can never really know for sure can ya?

The Intersection of Avenue L'Esplanade and Rue Rachel

This one hits me hard because I use this intersection on a daily basis. If you're walking through Jeanne Mance Park, and then happen to choose the East side where lies Avenue de L'Esplanade and you come across Rue Rachel, you're in for some paranormal business. It is said that there is the apparition of a French Solider, walking with a limp. There is one specific bench you can sit on which is apparently prime ghost-viewing location.

Sixth Floor McLennan

I have spent countless hours on the Sixth Floor of the McLennan building, to only now find out that it may be haunted! The ghost of an old man in old-fashioned attire floats around the bookshelves, forever lost. If you try to speak to it, he'll gaze back at you before disappearing... or maybe you've had way too much coffee and it's time for you to go to sleep. Happy studying!

Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel

Founded in 1754, and located in the Old Port, this is the oldest Inn in Montreal. It is one of the first establishments to receive a license to serve alcohol in North America. It is allegedly haunted by a little girl who lost her life in a fire back in the 19th century. Visit a historical landmark in alcohol and creepy-ghost-girls, all in the same place.

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