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8 Quebec "Ghost Towns" You Need To Road Trip To And Get A Scare Out Of Life

'Tis the season after all.
8 Quebec "Ghost Towns" You Need To Road Trip To And Get A Scare Out Of Life

Now that fall is officially here, we can start celebrating the most wonderful time of the year : Halloween. We all know that the coolest celebration was originally for the dead, so there is no better way to honour that day than by visiting our dear province's ghosts towns.

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Just make sure to visit these places with a buddy. You know, just in case...

 1.Snake Creek

This farming and lumbering village was mostly abandoned in the 1940's when the mill shut down. A brutal murder also occurred in 1910 when a father and his son were found dead in gruesome circumstances.

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At 300 km north of Baie-Comeau is this abandoned mining town that every resident left after the closing of the mining company in June 1985. You won't find a living soul there.

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Now a well-known Quebec touristic attraction, this village was abandoned after the pulp mill closed down in 1927 and became a park in 1960 and is considered one of Canada's most well preserved ghost towns.

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4.Hunter's Point

This village was built by natives to trade furs, as it was a Hudson Bay Post counter. In 1880, the post counter closed down, but a larger number of native communities moved in, as well as some whites and metis, allowing the population to grow to a few 150 in 1928, but the population eventually left the village. Only a handful of people still reside in the area, as well as some cottagers.

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Located between Amos and Matagami, this town was built after the mining of copper, zinc and gold started in 1965. It eventually closed down in 1998 after the resources were depleted.

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A fur trade HudsonBay post at first, the community eventually abandoned this location in 1985 after the weather station and the aerodrome closed down.

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This gold mining community was populated by about 2000 people before a forest fire demolished the whole town. The only things that remained standing were one miner cabin and the pump house.

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Also known as Godmanchester, this Scottish village settled by François dit La Guerre was abandoned only after 30 years of existence. It had 82 inhabitants in 1830 but was deserted in the late 1850s, mainly because of flooding and steam boats couldn't get to the village anymore.

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This odd village closed down in 1974 and was home to only a few residents, a church and a school.

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 10.Goose Village, Montreal

Also known as Victoriatown because it was adjacent to Victoria Bridge, this part of Montreal is now uninhabited. It's mainly famous because thousands of Irish immigrants died from typhus in this neighbourhood in 1847-1848. The town was eventually bulldozed in 1964.

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11. St-Jean-Vianney

A landslide partially destroyed this town of 1266 inhabitants in 1971 and it is forbidden to live there since then.

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