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8 Quebec Universities As Gilmore Girls Characters

Stars Hollow, here we come.

Okay, who here remembers Gilmore Girls? Everyone? Great. It was pretty much standard viewing in the early 2000s (its first episode aired 16 years ago, by the way, and I don't know about you guys, but that factoid is actually terrifying to me!) and its quick witted, fresh take on the standard mother-daughter relationship helped make it one of the most popular shows of the time.

Gilmore Girls came to an untimely end in 2007, and although most of us have been coping pretty well (with the help of Netflix marathons, of course), there are a select few of us who have been dying to know what Rory and Lorelai have been up since the series' end.

Of course, Netflix heard our desperate pleas, and is launching a Gilmore Girls revival series for this year.  Although the details have yet to be announced, the first photos from the new series have been released, and they're pretty juicy. As seen in the pictures (spoilers ahead, maybe), Luke and Lorelai are still a thing - so that answers pretty much the most burning question.

Unless your most burning question is which Gilmore Girls characters would correspond to which Quebec universities. I mean, no judgement if it is. That's certainly the sort of thing I think about pretty often; and if that is on your mind, then don't worry. I've got your back.

Photo cred - Gilmore Girls

1. Emily Gilmore = McGill University

Okay, before everyone gets all up in arms about me comparing McGill with one of Gilmore Girls' (arguably) most nefarious characters, hear me out. Casual watchers of the show will know Emily Gilmore as the prestigious, stuck-up grandmother of Rory Gilmore and mother of Lorelai Gilmore, who needs to be in control of every single thing. But true fans know that Emily Gilmore is an actual boss.

First of all, it's true that she's a little stuck up - but she kind of has a reason to be. At the end of the day, she wants the best for herself and for her family, and as a result, nothing but the best will do. Sure, she knows how to kick back and have fun every once in a while, but for the most part, she's all about that #SuccessfulBossLife.

McGill has all the prestige and grandeur of Emily Gilmore, coupled with a no-nonsense attitude that makes McGill basically Emily's spirit building. Although they both might seem a little imposing at first, the truth is that they both just want the best for everyone involved with them - and sometimes that means being a little strict. But when it comes time for fun? Much like Emily Gilmore, no one can beat McGill University.

2. Rory Gilmore = Concordia University

As we're all well aware of at this stage in the game, Concordia University is split between two well-known campuses, both of which are very popular in their own right. Much like Concordia's double campus, Rory Gilmore - one half of the eponymous "Gilmore Girls" duo - has kind of a double personality.

There's the innocent, sweet, kindhearted Rory Gilmore that makes her debut at the beginning of the series. Not unlike Concordia's Loyola Campus, this side of Rory's personality is mellow, rarely making headlines, but still probably the part that everyone likes best, when and if they get to know it better.

And then there's the other, slightly darker side to the youngest Gilmore. This is the side that stole a yacht with Logan, dropped out of Yale, and escaped to Europe with her grandmother when things got a little tough. When Rory gets into this part of her, it's clear that she's a little confused and trying her best to do the right thing - which matches well with the large, hustle and bustle that is Concordia's downtown SGW campus.

No matter what mood Rory's in, though, she's always remained ambitious and hard-working, which is a pretty good way to describe Concordia and its students.

3. Lorelai Gilmore = Bishop's University

Yes, it's true that Bishop's is known as a bit of a party school. But if that was 100% of what Bishop's is, then there are tons of other characters who could have represented it (Logan? Jess? Those group of girls who chilled with Paris all throughout Chilton?) a little bit better than Lorelai.

But Bishop's isn't all fun and zero work. Much like Lorelai Gilmore, this school knows how to have a good time (even if it might not be at the most appropriate of moments). But when it comes time to be responsible? Bishop's is 100% there for that, ranking #12 in all of Canada and producing some seriously awesome graduates.

Which is pretty much Lorelai's story, word for word. Sure, maybe she's not the most traditional of mothers, but when it comes time to be there for Rory, it's all her. She's a star. And so is Bishop's University.

4. Paris Geller = HEC

Oh man, I love Paris. No joke, she was my favourite character (after Emily, of course) - something about how hilariously high-strung she was just really struck a cord with me, I think. Not to say that HEC is a high-strung university, because it's not.

But here's the thing I loved most about Paris: She was very complicated. You thought she had a perfect life at home, but then it turned out she was closer with her nanny than with her parents. You thought she was a no-nonsense perfectionist, but then she turned around and listened to her life coach who basically told her to attend Yale with Rory. You thought she was going to be the antagonist of the series, but she ended up becoming Rory's BFF. Paris Geller: A woman of many layers.

Which is a pretty good way to describe HEC. Although, like Paris, the school is known for being kind of competitive and a tad bit on the perfectionist side, it's also a whole lot of fun. And although its reputation might make it seem like a super no-nonsense place, once you actually get to know HEC, you'll see that it's actually a really awesome place to be at.

Photo cred - Gilmore Girls

5. Lane Kim = UQAM

The rebellious daughter of Mrs. Kim, Lane served as Rory's best friend throughout the series. Now, I'm not saying that UQAM is anyone's rebellious daughter, but this Montreal university does share some similarities with Lane Kim.

First of all, Lane does have an intrinsic need to do what she considers to be the right thing, despite what the main authority figure in her life says. Putting that aside, though, Lane doesn't really do anything bad. She's just trying to live her best Lane Kim life.

UQAM also tends to have the reputation for standing up for what it thinks is right, and just like Lane is still a pretty awesome person, UQAM is still a pretty amazing school.

6. Richard Gilmore = JMSB

Richard is the money-making, hardworking husband of Emily Gilmore. He's much more chill than his wife is, but he's still very dedicated to what he does, and ferociously proud of all his accomplishments in life.

And, much like the John Molson School Of Business, he's got a lot to be proud about. It's no secret that this Montreal business school has gone really far throughout its life as an educational institution; and just like Richard, JMSB won't hesitate to let you know it. Sure, both Richard and JMSB like to advertise their inherent awesomeness, but (rightfully) nobody else seems to mind too much.

Or at all, actually. Richard is shown as being a super social character who tends to get along with most people; likewise, with their many events and social activities, JMSB is basically the social butterflies of universities. Keep Richarding on, JMSB. You're great.

7.  Luke Danes = UdeM

Oh, Luke. Where do I even begin? Although Luke Danes wasn't my favourite character on the show, I definitely got his appeal, and why they decided to make him Lorelai's main love interest. He's a stoic, reliable kind of guy, and the perfect contrast/compliment to Lorelai.

And Luke also shares some similarities with Montreal's very own Universite de Montreal. First of all, let's delve into something a little more superficial: The (somewhat) introverted Luke really stood out in Stars Hollow, a town full of extroverts and eccentric characters. Likewise, UdeM stands out proudly and stoically from its Mount Royal perch - and although it might be a whole lot more outgoing than Luke ever was, the institution is similarly humble yet amazing at what it does.

8. Sookie St. James = Universite Laval

Okay, straight up, Melissa McCarthy's character, Sookie, is a badass. She's often portrayed as pure slaying at what she does, and although she starts off the series as a bit of a perfectionist with an inability to accept when things go awry, she grows into a strong character who can handle whatever comes her way.

And the same can be said for Quebec's Universite Laval. Consistently ranked among the top in Canada, Universite Laval rules the world of academia with a no-nonsense flair (just like Sookie rules the culinary world). And although it started out as something completely different, it eventually grew into its current role, almost as if this is what it was meant to become.

BONUS: Michel Gerard = All of us

And not just because the actor who plays him (Yanic Truesdale) comes from Montreal. Michel is the grumpy-yet-hilarious concierge of the Dragonfly Inn. He's sassy, doesn't take anything from anyone, and just a little bit on the grumpy side. He is all of our spirit animals, friends. It's okay to admit it.

*Photo creds for featured image - Mcgill University, Concordia University, Université de Montréal

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