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8 Really Cute Chalets You Can Rent For Under $100 With Your Girlfriend This Summer

Finally you can escape the city with her and get cozy.
8 Really Cute Chalets You Can Rent For Under $100 With Your Girlfriend This Summer

Ah yes, with summer anniversaries just around the corner there is no better way to celebrate than to take your girlfriend to a cute chalet. Chalets are great for a romantic, intimate, and fun anniversary with your girl. These chalets all have unique factors to them so choose according to your girlfriend's personality and likes.

These chalets are all absolutely beautiful and are located in the Montreal area. A majority of chalets from this list are not too expensive and are perfect for a weekend getaway with your girlfriend. So, if you are panning the perfect anniversary or you just want to treat that special someone, then I suggest taking them to one of these chalets this summer.

 Take Her Here If She Loves Wine

Price: 220$ per night

Get intimate and cosy in the King Luxury Chalet if your girl just loves wine! Make her a fine to dine dinner that involves delicious wine! This chalet is the perfect location for fun wine tasting and a great dinner. Your girlfriend will love you just as much as she loves wine! So, bring that baguette, cheese, wine, and your beautiful girlfriend for a well deserved wine getaway.

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Take Her Here If She Loves To Explore

Price: 45$ per night

If you are dating the adventurous type, then I suggest taking her to the Outdoors Paradise. This simple, small, yet cute chalet is perfect for a fun anniversary that involves water slides, go carting , hiking through the beautiful Dufresne Regional Park, and you can even visit the Santa Claus Village. So explore the woods with your girlfriend and get lost in each other's eyes and in the woods!

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Take Her Here If She Needs A Chalet Spa Getaway

Price: $184

If you and your girl need a relaxing spa getaway then I suggest taking her to the Charming Chalet For 2! It is the perfect weekend getaway and trust me, your girlfriend will be even more in love with you! This cosy chalet includes indoor heated pool, steam room, a Nordic outdoor spa, and a gym. In the summer they also provide a private beach with boat rentals such as kayaks, pedal boats, and row boats.

The massages therapy is not included but here are the prices for that perfect getaway with your girlfriend:

Swedish Massage:

- Duration: 60 minutes at $65.00 or 90 minutes at $95.00

-Duo Swedish - Two 90 minute massages for $190.00

-Scalp treatment and Swedish massage combined (Duration: 60 minutes) $85.0

-Hot Stone Massage - (Duration: 90 minutes) $115.00

-Body Wrap - (Duration: 60 minutes) $85.00

1) Exfoliation and application of clay over the entire body using massage techniques. This wrap purifies and cleans your skin and is also very relaxing.


2) Exfoliation and application of sea weed over the entire body using massage techniques. This wrap is very nourishing to your skin and is also very relaxing.

-Chair massages for groups of 3 or more(30 minutes or more per person) $35.00 per person (min. 3 persons)

Take Her Here If She Loves Camping

Price: 81$ per night

If your girlfriend just loves camping, then bring her to the secluded Rustic Chalet. It is the perfect location to have a camping experience. The chalet holds a large amount of private land so you should make a fireplace, bust out the s'mores, and bring out the lawn chairs for some star gazing with that special someone. This chalet is intimate and perfect for an anniversary getaway!

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Take Her Here If She Loves Fitness

Price: 74$ per night

Take your Girlfriend to the Ultimate Wilderness Chalet to enjoy a large variety of activities that will keep you both in shape while having the time of your lives. This chalet is the absolute perfect place to enjoy so many things and to make so many memories. To begin, you can go cliff diving, hiking to water falls, rock climbing, swimming, and much more! Your fitness freak girlfriend (aka me) will absolutely love to hike through the mountains that lead to beautiful water falls.

Within 10 minutes by car:

-Monte-à-Peine Regional Park
-Hiking trails, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking
-Horseback riding centre and school
-Variety of local gastro pubs and restaurants
-Art School
-Local honey farm
-Traditional "Cabane à Sucre" (Maple Syrup producers)
-Local farms for fruit picking in the summer

Take Her Here If She Is Too Much Of A City Girl

Price: 69$ Per Night

This chalet is the perfect location for that girlfriend who is too much of a city girl. If your girlfriend isn't really into the whole nature scene, then take her to the Hipster Chalet. This chalet has a modern twist on it that mixes the city and the county together. It is perfect for privacy and it is great to get intimate.

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Take Her Here If She Loves Lakes

Price: 145$ per night

For a cute weekend on the lake, I suggest taking your girl to the Lake Front Chalet! It is the perfect location if your girlfriend loves to sit along the water and go for picnic boat rides. The chalet is very large and extravagant if you really want to impress that special someone! So kick off summer with a nice jump in the lake near the Laurentians!

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Take Her Here If She Loves Picnics

Price: 200$ per night

Go to the Peace Chalet and check out their awesome contemporary chalet. This chalet is the perfect location for beautiful picnics with your gorgeous girlfriend. The chalet itself is magnificent but top it off with what she loves most... PICNICS! For peaceful picnics along the water and a modern chalet, then definitely bring your girlfriend here for a special treat.

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Take Her Here If She Loves Romantic Dinners And Sunsets

Price: 125$ per night

The beautiful Mountain View Chalet is an absolute perfect location if you know that your girl just loves sunsets. This suite has a mountain side view that is perfect for watching sunsets. The inside of the chalet is simple but the views outside are extraordinary. So treat her to a romantic dinner as you watch the sunset and then make her breakfast to watch the sunrise.

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