8 Reasons To Drop Everything And Move To This One Cute Ontario Town

Quite possibly the most charming town in Canada.
8 Reasons To Drop Everything And Move To This One Cute Ontario Town

Honestly, guys, Canada is such a beautiful country. There are big cities, small towns, beaches, metropolises, forests, mountains; any form of natural beauty you can think of, we've got it.

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And there's one town in particular, very close to Montreal, that happens to have it all. Not only is it one seriously gorgeous town, but there are also a bunch of super fun events going down all the time, and in general, it's just a super charming place to be.

Vankleek Hill, Ontario is about an hour drive out of Montreal, and it's honestly the perfect spot to visit. It's so perfect, in fact, that there are more than a few things that'll make you want to drop everything and legit move there.

1. Get to Vankleek Hill because it's home to Beau's Brewery, and one of Canada's biggest Oktoberfests

Not only is Beau's a super chill brewery, but they put on an awesome celebration every Oktoberfest - shuttle buses included!

2. Get to Vankleek Hill because it's right in the middle of Montreal and Ottawa

Close enough to the hustle and bustle of two major cities, but still peaceful enough to remain a chill and charming spot.

3. Get to Vankleek Hill because you can see the stars

From certain spots in Vankleek Hill, the stars are as clear as day. Which means you never have to travel very far to be in awe by nature.

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4. Get to Vankleek Hill because it has a killer Farmers' Market

And honestly, there's nothing more fun than a farmers' market... especially one as cool as Vankleek Hill's, which is surrounded by farms and fresh produce.

5. Get to Vankleek Hill because of the super cool historical points

The Old Jail in L'Original, the Arbor Gallery, the Higginson Tower, and the Vankleek Cottage are all a portion of some of the historical spots in the town, some dating back to the 1800s.

6. Get to Vankleek Hill because of the gorgeous nature views

Not only is Vankleek Hill beautiful to look at, but it's got some chill nature spots, too. (Four words: Sunny Side Alpaca Ranch.)

7. Get to Vankleek Hill because it's seriously fun

Vineyards, Oktoberfests, farms, and more, there's always some kind of seriously fun AF going down in Vankleek Hill.

8. Get to Vankleek Hill because, TBH, it's one of the most charming spots in the country

Do I even need to say anymore?

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