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8 Reasons Why Having A Dog In Montreal Is Definitely Better Than A Cat

Cats are just overrated furry demons.
8 Reasons Why Having A Dog In Montreal Is Definitely Better Than A Cat

Dogs are adorable. They are the sweetest, most lovable creatures on this planet. They give their owners nothing but love and are known as "man's best friend" for a reason.

There seems to be a constant debate between cat owners and dog owners over which pet is best. Let's all be honest here; it's dogs. For the few who still aren't quite sold on how amazing dogs are, here are 7 out of the million reasons why dogs are the ultimate companion.

1. Owning A Dog Is Good For Your Health

Besides that fact that bringing your dog for a walk 4-5 times a day gets you out of the house and away from Netflix for at least 10 minutes each walk, studies have shown that owning a dog improves your health in multiple ways. People with dogs are more likely to accept change, are better equipped to deal with stress and are have better psychological health than non dog-owners.

2. They Offer Unconditional Love

Your dog doesn't care if you are smart, pretty, rich, poor, having a great day or having the worst day of your life. The second you wake up, the second you get home, when you get out of the bathroom, your dog is sitting there waiting for you. They are eagerly awaiting the second they can greet you with love. No matter what is going on in your life, your dog will be there to shower you with endless affection. I'm sorry but why are cats the "single girl" pet?

3. Dogs Have Great Personalities

There's a reason there are no memes about dogs trying to kill their owners. Dogs are fun, loving, goofy and funny! They have mischievous attitudes and are always ready to play. They are accepting and trusting with most people, and if they don't trust someone then there's a good chance you shouldn't either! Dogs are great judges of character.

4. Dogs Teach Responsibility

Unlike a cat, who prefer to be left alone most of the time, dogs NEED attention and care. They are looking for you to feed them, bring them out, pick up after them, house train them, etc. They can be pretty damn needy. The upside to this is rather than wasting your day at your friends place watching reruns of How I Met Your Moth on Netflix, you'll have to get home and take care of your dog. You'll have to make a schedule to care for your canine friend which right away helps with your time management.

5. Dogs Are More Fun

Cats prefer seclusion. They hide out, even when their owners are home, and stay out of sight for most of the day. They prefer their own company to others. While I can respect that attitude, it isn't much fun having a pet who wants nothing to do with you for 18 hours of the day. Dogs are constantly looking for attention, have tons of energy and are extremely playful! Sometimes their high energy will have you wishing they were in the mood to nap, but that usually only comes after hours of play!

6. Dogs Are Protectors

Ever feel like taking a night walk but decide against for fear of all the Montreal randoms you are guaranteed to run in to? Once you have a dog this issue is resolved. Dogs are a great judge of character and while it may seem like they are friendly with everyone, they are actually quite selective with who they allow near their owners. The second a questionable character approaches you, or is even close to approaching you, your dog will be there to warn them off. They instinctively protect you and your home and while people may think their bark is bigger than their bite, there are very few who will actually test that theory.

7. Dogs Get You Out Of The House

Bored but don't feel like hanging out with people? Feel like enjoying the weather but all of your friends are working? Not an issue, your dog is your constant go-to for any type of outdoor adventure! Bring them for a walk up the mountain, hit up a dog park or go explore your city. Having to take your furry friend out multiple times a day gets you out of your house, being able to bring your dog on mini adventures will keep you out of the house! Rather than spending your days lazing around, you can be out exploring with your pooch.

8. Dogs Love To Cuddle

Having a long week? Is today kicking your ass? Don't even worry about it. The second you get home your dog will show you nonstop love. The licks and kisses will be endless. You have a whole evening of happiness because no one can stay angry while looking at that innocent face. They can sense when your mood is down and as soon as you take a seat, they're jumping in your lap to cuddle with you. Once it's time for bed they'll find a way to cram themselves in right next to you. All they want is to show you love!

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