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8 Reasons Why Living In Montreal's Le Sud-Ouest Is Actually The Best

#4 Cheap rent.
8 Reasons Why Living In Montreal's Le Sud-Ouest Is Actually The Best

Even though Montreal's Le Sud-Ouest borough might be overlooked by some, in favour of others like Hochelaga, it is a great place to live. Le Sud-Ouest is a cheap place to live in, and although it's not smack in the centre of Montreal, it is close to everything - without the inconveniences of living downtown.

Here are 8 reasons why living in le Sud-Ouest is the best.

Photo Cred - STM

1. 10 metro stations

You know what's really great about le Sud-Ouest? 10 metro stations make it easy to get anywhere in the city. It only takes about ten minutes to get from one of the further metro stations to downtown, so you can enjoy a night out with friends. Then again, why would you leave the borough when you can get everything right here?

Photo Cred - Les Beautés de Montréal

2. 54 parks

Yes, I know. It sounds massive, and that's because it is. Le Sud-Ouest has 54 parks, including the 97 hectar Angrignon Park, the largest and oldest in the borough. The park has a beautiful lake, places made specifically to walk your dogs and a play area for kids. The borough also has 6 community gardens for you to enjoy.

Photo Cred - KMo Foto

3. Proximity to the Champlain bridge

Although not one of the most popular bridges at the moment, as you can imagine, you can easily access the Champlain bridge without getting stuck in a considerable amount of traffic over a multitude of kilometres to get there. From there you have access to everything the south shore has got for you. Why you'd even want to leave the city is a mystery, but hey, to each their own.

Photo Cred - KMo Foto

4. Cheap rent

Can you get a 3 1/2 in the Plateau for under a thousand dollars? How about a 2 1/2? Or maybe a room? No? You can in le Sud-Ouest though! You'll enjoy a vast array of historical buildings, nice restaurants as well as beautiful parks for about half the price. Oh, and did we mention metro stations? No need to get lost using the bus system here, folks!

Photo Cred - Rémi Leroux

5. Accessibility to the Canal without all the tourists

Where there's the Canal there's Old Port, and where there's Old Port there's tourists. Hundreds of tourists taking pictures of themselves being happy in front of the canal. All summer. Why bother going to the Old Port to see the Canal, when you get the view right near your place? And okay, yeah, access to a bike path that will take you all the way to the Old Port in about 20 minutes. Still, you'll be able to relax a bit more in the Sud-Ouest portion of the Canal.

6. Pretty big selection of restaurants


Why go downtown and pay twice the price of what you can get in le Sud-Ouest for cheaper? Why? The borough has a pretty vast selection of restaurants for you to choose from, ranging from high class restaurants to delicious but cheap pizza joints. Take Machiavelli in Pointe Saint-Charles, where you can eat fancy food for a very reasonable price, or Le Richmond in Griffintown, which has fantastic Italian food, as well as live DJ sets and a very cool interior design.

Photo Cred - Arrondissement du Sud-Ouest

7. Machin-Ô-Livres

You know what's neat? Books that cost one dollar and are easily accessible through vending machines. That's what Machin-Ô-Livres is all about. Throughout the borough (mostly near pools and community centers), you can find these vending machines, where you will find used books that cost a dollar. Perfect for light reading in the shade!

Photo Cred - Jean Gagnon

8. The Lachine Canal becoming a skating rink next winter

It's almost certain that in a few months the Lachine canal will become a huge skating rink, in the same way the Rideau canal is Ottawa. You'll be able to skate while enjoying a nice view of the city and the historic buildings that border the canal. Yay Sud-Ouest!

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