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8 Restaurants That Will Actually Make You Want To Go To Hochelaga-Maisonnueve

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Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, or rather, “Ho-Ma”, is making its mark on the Montreal culinary map. Surprising right? We know.There was a time that this district was solely known, as home of the (monstrous) Olympic Stadium. But like the common side-effect of any gentrification, yes, even in the beginning stages, great restaurants are popping up everywhere...finally giving Montrealers a reason to head to the North East.

Restaurant Diya

6090 Sherbrooke St. East

If you’re looking for a flavourful and delicious experience, Diya is definitely worth making the trek to Hochelaga-Maisonneuve for.

Serving classic East Indian dishes, like Chicken Tikka and Tandoori Shrimp, they rival even the best of little India. This is definitely Indian fine dining, done right.


Bistro Le Valois

25 Place Simon Valois

Pleasing for the eyes and the appetite, Le Valois has an art deco feel, with equally creative dishes. Since it is a French inspired bistro, expect to taste some of the best wines and of course, foie gras...controversy and all.


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Chez Bouffe

4316 Sainte-Catherine St. East

For some reason, any place that has a chalk board as its menu always seems to satisfy; now add to it a couch for an ultra cozy feeling, and you have yourself a winner. As in the case of Chez Bouffe. (Chez who?)

Allow us to suggest going there for your ritualistic 5 a 7 and enjoy (more like, over indulge in) $1 oysters and $5 wine. Then once you’re a little more on the horngry side, move onto a 3-course meal for $15. Yes, you can thank us later.


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Ristorante la Dora

6837, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal

With both traditional decor and Italian food, La Dora is not exactly the setting for a hot date - unless it’s with your grandma. But that aside, your taste buds will be more than gratified with classics like calamari and parmigiana...can’t you just hear the marinara and meatballs calling?


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Le Grain de Sel

2375 Saine-Catherine St. East

Grain de Sel is one of those rare gems, that receives no bad reviews. It serves impeccable French cuisine with mouth-watering (and artery clogging) mains such as deer in a red wine sauce, beef cheek and artisan black pudding.

The setting is small and intimate, and suitable for a super sexy date.


Sata Sushi

3349 Ontario St. East

Totally rustic and totally awesome, Sata Sushi is hands down one of the best places to get your sushi roll on. It'll be love at first bite with their salmon tartare and the sushi is crisp with freshness; on that note, so is the overall vibe.

Expect to be very, very satisfied and eagerly coming back for more.


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Les Affamés

4137 Sainte-Catherine St. East

Les Affamés was a concept devised by 4 great friends, that soon became a reality. The goal? To bring it to fruition before the age of 30 - and the mission was certainly accomplished.

If you’re wondering what you can expect to find on the menu, how about bison short ribs for brunch, with a side of deer sirloin steak? But if seafood is more your thing, then you’ll probably enjoy the grilled octopus, served with popcorn and kale. Either way, you'll want to come with a major appetite.


Kazumi Sushi Lounge

6394 Sherbrooke St. East

This is sushi done right, on a whole other level; and possibly (but truthfully), the most surprising part is that it’s located in Hochelaga..well done Ho-Ma.

Like most sushi spots, the menu is decently expensive, but the major draw is that it’s a BYOB...hell yeah. Oh ya, and not to mention the sashimi will change your life.


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