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8 Secret Restaurants In Montreal You've Got To Check Out

It's all about the food.
8 Secret Restaurants In Montreal You've Got To Check Out

It's official: Montreal has too many restaurants. No wonder we all end up sticking to our trusty rotation of neighborhood joints and date-night spots. Humans are creatures of habit. 

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However, some spots may not have the prettiest packaging but deliver an understated food experience. Away from busy intersections and those try-hard Instagram friendly spots, these gems are all about the food, and don't need to prove themselves any more than that.

Most of these spots are cherished by locals of the neighborhoods they reside in, and are of course family run. Bringing that much-needed dose of personality and charm that many trendy hype restaurants just don't have.  So change up your routine a bit and try these hidden spots! 

8. Dobe & Andy

Where: 1111 Saint-Urbain // Downtown

Why you should go: This Cantonese spot is located in the underground city and doesn't look like much from the outside. It is also might be particularly frightening to vegetarians or vegans out there. Once you're inside though, this place serves up some delicious traditional Chinese dishes at a great price.


7. Chalet Amu Jan

Where: 6107 Sherbrooke St West // NDG

Why you should go: Chalet Amujan is your classic hole in the wall that will leave youtotally surprised. Completly unassuming from the outside, this little Persian joint will make you feel like you took a trip to Tehran and back. The food is fresh and cooked with love, and is also very reasonably priced. Couldn't ask for more.


6. Hoai Huong

Where: 5485 Victoria Avenue // Cotes-des-neiges

Why you should go: Resturant Hoai Huong is a little off the grid, but so worth the trip. Located on Victoria Avenue Right next to Metro Cote Saint Catherine, this spot lives in a true local Montreal neighborhood. After enjoying a flavorful and aromatic bowl of Pho, you can spend the rest of your afternoon exploring a different part of town.


5. Marche Meli-Melo

Where: 640 Rue Jarry E // Rosemont

Why you should go: Some people claim this is the best Haitian food in town. Serving up massive portions of classic dishes, this hole-in-the-wall will always leave you full and satisfied and will never break the bank.


4. Euro Deli Battory

Where: 115 Rue Saint Viateur West // Mile-End

Why you should go:



3. Cosmos Snack Bar

Where: 5843 Sherbrooke St West // NDG

Why you should go: This is an NDG staple that's been open since 1967. They make insane portioned breakfast food at great prices. Expect to wait a bit for a table, especially on the weekends. But it's worth it. Check the link below for all the details!


2. Maison De Mademoiselle Dumpling 

Where: 6381 St Hubert St // Rosemont

@ste.gars.laembedded via

Why you should go: Dumplings are quite possibly the most addictive food available in the city, they will stay in your mind for weeks. This little spot is tucked away on Plaza St-Hubert and is a must try.


1. Mr.Azteca

Where: 7349 St Hubert St // Rosemont

@mrazteca34embedded via

Why you should go: They are a bite-sized piece of heaven with just the right amount of toppings served up in a totally unpretentious atmosphere. This is a family run tacos joint that's perfect for a quick and cheap bite on a weeknight. It's worth the trek to Jean Talon, trust.

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