8 Signs He's Expecting to Sleep With You That Night

It could happen on the first or third date, but when a guy is expecting to score- he's got it all planned out. I'm not talking about setting candles around his apartment and buying Trojans "her pleasure" packs. I mean systematic moves to make sure he's got the perfect setting to score. They will look a little bit like this:

1. He wants to know what your schedule is like the next day.

No guy will ever take you out (especially on a week night) with the intention to score if you need to be up at 7 am. If he reschedules to another day, that just so happens to be when you have a day off the next day, start getting suspicious.

2. He sends a taxi/uber to get you so you can drink and not worry about your car.

Or he'll ask you to come meet him, but will make sure that you are not driving. If you bring your own car it means you can leave whenever you want and you can't drink - two things he doesn't want.

3. When you go out, he puts all his belongings in your purse.

This is a very smooth move, that not many guys will do, and that no girl understands. When he puts his wallet and keys in your purse, he's saying you're stuck with him for the night. Therefor if you plan on ditching him throughout the night, or pull a fast one and leave, you can't go very far.

4. The night starts off with shots, and ends with shots.

To make sure that you are having lots of fun throughout the entire night (and loosen up a it).

5. He keeps the food minimal and light.

He's not going to take you out for a burgers and ribs if you plan on going out right after for drinks. You'll be bloated and really not in the mood, which isn't great for anyone involved.

6. He plants seeds during the night to go back to his place.

Subtle and smooth moves, that you won't even realize, such as "you should come check out my place" or more blunt ones like "let's get out of here".

7. He'll come up with any excuse to come upstairs (use the bathroom).


8. He wants you to come out alone.

He knows that if you're around your girls, you won't be able to leave with him. So instead he will bring you around his friends, or alone.