8 Simple Things That Can Help McGill University Students Avoid Stress During Finals

How to keep your sanity during the worst time of the year.
8 Simple Things That Can Help McGill University Students Avoid Stress During Finals

McGill is hard enough as it is during the school year, so come final exams time, stress levels can shoot through the roof. From the way it always seems like the admin has actively worked against you give you the worst exam schedule ever, to having to circle every floor of the library 20 times before you find a seat, it can get pretty rough. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can combat the exam blues and unwind from your few weeks of hell.

1. Play with the therapy dogs

Dogs are great all the time, but dogs when you're stressed out from exams? Amazing. Every day until April 29th, from 12:30-1:30, you'll find therapy dogs in the Brown Building lobby that you can go and hang out with. Trust me, it'll be the best study break you've had in a long time.

2. Work out your stress at the Fitness Centre

Exercise is one of the quickest ways to get your endorphins pumping and lower your stress levels. Luckily for all McGill students, the fitness centre is free during finals so you can stress-run (or stress-lift) to your heart's content.

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3. Walk it out on Mount Royal

Seeing as McGill is essentially at the bottom of Mount Royal, you might as well take advantage of that and get in some exercise, while simultaneously getting a great view of the city. Also it's nice to breath in something that isn't stale unwashed-student library air.

4. Splurge on a little shopping

Maybe it's a girl thing, but going shopping never fails to make me feel better during exams. Going down to Saint Cats will make your exams feel miles away, and coming home with something shiny and new doesn't hurt either. But be careful, there's a fine line between going out and buying yourself a pretty, new studying reward and full blown procrasti-shopping.

5. Grab a drink at Gerts

You don't even need to leave campus for this one. Whether you need something to keep your brain from overloading, or need to unwind after finally finishing all your exams, Gerts is the perfect place to grab a study beer (or margarita - yeah, they have those now) with other students that can all feel your pain.

6. Catch some rays on lower field

It appears as if it's going to be a decently warm exam season, which means taking breaks outside is totally possible. So, grab a spot on lower field, close your eyes, and soak in that Vitamin D.

7. Spend an hour (or a day) at OAP

OAP Lite is back for two days this year, on the 23rd and 24th, which luckily is right in the middle of exams. Grabbing a burger and a beer with your friends, while listening to some great music out in the sunshine, is a pretty great way to rejuvenate yourself and keep your sanity so that you can crush the rest of your exams.

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8. Check out the cool stuff at Redpath

Right in the middle of campus, Redpath houses some of the coolest historical stuff in Montreal, and you can get it for free without even having to leave campus. Also, you'll appreciate it even more knowing that you won't be tested on anything you learn there. And frankly, nothing will put you in a good mood quite like seeing a giant dinosaur skeleton (or maybe that's just me).

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