8 "Street-Food" Style Restaurants You Need To Try This Summer In Montreal

Casual dining at it's best.
8 "Street-Food" Style Restaurants You Need To Try This Summer In Montreal

As a big fan of Anthony Bourdain, my favorite part of watching his travel show Parts Unknown was watching him sit down on a little plastic stool somewhere in Asia and dig into some incredible looking street food.

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There's something unique about the experience of eating street food. It's fast, easy, but never lacking in flavor. This food is designed to fuel busy people, who only have a little pocket change to spare and almost no time. Street food is always fresh, satiating, and prepared with care. 

Although we don't have real street food to call our own in Montreal, you don't have to travel to Asia to get it. There are several restaurants around the city that specialize bringing streetfood-style food to adventure hungry Montrealers.

1. Le Red Tiger

Where: 1201 Boul de Maisonneuve E // Village

Why you should go: This spot is unreal, I've only been once, but let me tell you that I've never tasted Vietnamese food like this. And being a good Montrealer, I've been eating out in Vietnamese restaurants since I was a tot. Inspired by the street food specialties of Vietnam, this super charming and lively spot will always hit the spot.

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2. Satay Brothers

Where: 3721 Notre-Dame St W // St-Henri

Why you should go: I actually fantasize about the flavors provided by this amazing Singaporean streetfood-style restaurant. With a stall in the Atwater Market and a full-fledged restaurant close by on Notre Dame street, this spot is a must-try for all people who love the unique aroma and flavor of South East Asian cuisine.

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3. Spice Bros

Where: 3343 Sources Blvd // Dollard-des-Ormeaux

Why you should go: We recently wrote about Spice Bros because as soon as this spot flew onto our radar, we all got really excited and didn't even notice that the spot is in DDO. With an awesome "eat-on-the-go" and a customizable menu, you can either choose from a "bro bowl" or "frankie roll" as a base item and then pick your own filling and toppings as you like it. As you can see pictured above, portions look plentiful, healthy, fresh, and delish.

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4. MuvBox Montreal

Where: De la Commune East // Old Port

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Why you should go: This Old Port pop-up resto will make you feel like your 10-years-old on a summer road trip to Maine with the family. What makes this place so special is that it's a seasonal restaurant, so come September - poof, it's gone. Better try it now! And yes - they have alcohol.

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5. Noren

Where: 77 Rachel St W // Plateau

Why you should go: This spot is the definition of the word cozy. With only a couple seats, this restaurant is all about being intimate not only with the person you're dining with but with the lovely people who work there, too. Focusing on Japanese snacks and street food takoyaki and okonomiyaki, this spot makes everything shareable, making it an ideal spot for a quiet date night.

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6. Tacos Victor 

Where: 4376 Notre-Dame St West // St-Henri

Why you should go: This ultra-casual but mega tasty taco spot is definitely one that all taco-lovers need to hit up at least once. They do small soft shell tacos that are typical street food style for Mexican cuisines, but with their own original twist because they stuff them with fries.

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7. la Maison De Mademoiselle Dumpling

Where: 6381 St Hubert St // Rosemont

Why you should go: During my university years I lived in Shanghai for a few months and I would regularly eat street dumpling in this little neighborhood family-run spot behind my apartment building. The dumplings we're cheap, but so hearty and just bursting with flavor. The dumplings from Maison De Mademoiselle Dumpling is the closest thing I've had to those dumplings on the streets of Shanghai years ago.

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8. Falafel St-Jacques

Where: 345 St Jacques St // Lachine

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Why you should go: Most people who live in Montreal West or Lachine already know about this spot, it's a prized gem of the neighborhood. With a super casual counter service that boasts a wide range of Israeli and Mediterranean specialties, Falafel St-Jacques is as tasty as it is healthy.

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