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8 Super Fun Oktoberfest 2017 Festivals Happening In And Around Montreal You Gotta Attend This Fall

These will be way more than 'beer'able
8 Super Fun Oktoberfest 2017 Festivals Happening In And Around Montreal You Gotta Attend This Fall

Fall is finally here !! Now that we've finally given up on summer we can embrace everything that fall has to offer us. That means crisp fall air, leaves changing to bright colours, pumpkin spice everything and of course Oktoberfest!

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This is the huge fall celebration is what we've all been waiting for. It's time to drink as much beer as our heart desires, dance our hearts out and eat as much schnitzel as we want.

Oktoberfest is here and there's tons of events in Montreal, around Quebec and in nearby Ontario and Vermont. Find your favourite and get your tickets ASAP for the party of the year!

1. Beau's Oktoberfest

via @beausallnatural

When: September 22nd & 23rd

Where: Vanleek Hill, Ontario

This is probably going to be the biggest Oktoberfest celebration near Montreal! They're going to have live music on 2 huge stages featuring the band Stars and Rheostatics as headliners, a mini beer fest featuring 17 Beau's beers and over 50 other beers on tap, tons of food from local restaurants , fun activities and more!

Also, this year's event will have buses to and from Ottawa or Montréal as well. More info here about that.

Buy your tickets here .

2. Oktoberfest de Repentigny

via @oktoberfestderepentigny

When: September 8-10

Where: Parc Regional de L'Ile Lebel, Repentigny, Quebec

This massive Oktoberfest celebration is happening this weekend just a 40 min drive from Montreal! It's the biggest Oktoberfest bash in all of Quebec so you definitely don't want to miss it! There's going to be a huge stage with live music all day long, a Somersby terrasse, tons of microbreweries, wine, ciders and spirits set up all over the event, and of course tons of amazing food on site!

Buy your tickets here .

3. Vermont Oktoberfest

via @oktoberfestvermont

When: September 21st-23rd

Where: Lake Champlain, Vermont

This amazing Oktoberfest celebration will take place on the shores of the beautiful Lake Champlain in Vermont! They'll be featuring over 40 breweries, live music and dancing all day long, Lederhosen competitions, carnival games, and so much more! They'll also have amazing food like pretzels, BBQ, sausages, deli's and more.

Buy your tickets here .

4. Sherbrooke Oktoberfest

via @rose.bourque

When: Friday, October 6th

Where: Centre de foires de Sherbrooke

This massive single day party in Sherbrooke is going to be crazy! They have a huge stage featuring live bands all night long, traditional food and drinks and the location will be decorated to the nines!

Find more information here .

5. Atwater Market Oktoberfest

via @marchespublicsmtl

When: September 30th to October 2nd

Where: Atwater Market

This amazing Oktoberfest event is always super popular because it takes place right here in the city! It's going to feature over 40 microbreweries, various merchants offering amazing foods and traditional music all day long. Coupons are only $2 at the door of the event and $0.50 of each go to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation!

Find more information here .

6. Ottawa Oktoberfest

via @xobianca

When: September 28th-30th

Where: Standherd Ultimate Park

Enjoy 3 days straight of amazing parties, super fun entertainment, and awesome music featuring the country artist Meghan Patrick! You can enjoy traditional German eats like sausage and schnitzel and tons of amazing beer!

Buy your tickets here .

7. Brockville Oktoberfest

via @oktoberfest

When: September 29th to October 1st

Where: Armagh Sifton Price Park

This awesome event will be held under a massive tent where you can enjoy tons of awesome attractions, games and entertainment! You can enjoy tons of traditional foods like pretzels, sauerkraut, sausages and wines and beers!

Find more information here .

8. Toronto Oktoberfest

via @tooktoberfest

When: September 29th to October 1st

Where: Ontario Place

This massive Oktoberfest celebration in Toronto will be held in a huge 30,000 sq foot tent this year and it's going to be bigger and better than ever! If you're thinking of going to an Oktoberfest event, you should make the trek out to this one this year. There's going to be tons of beer taps, amazing traditional music, great food and so much more!

Buy your tickets here .

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