8 “Super Healthy” Montreal Smoothies You Need To Drink If You Haven’t Already

Fresh, fruity, and good for you.
8 “Super Healthy” Montreal Smoothies You Need To Drink If You Haven’t Already

Okay, who here loves smoothies? Everyone? That's what I though, because honestly, there's nothing like a fresh, fruity, tasty smoothie... that also happens to be healthy AF (so, you know, no guilt).

Although there's legit no such thing as a terrible smoothie, there are a select few places in Montreal that just happen to make these treats seriously mindblowing and healthy at the same time.

1. Venice MTL

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440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Alright, if you're looking for a smoothie that manages to taste delicious and be completely good for you, then look no further. Venice MTL has got you covered.

To be completely honest, it's very difficult to decide just which smoothie takes the health/taste cake, but their "Sante" smoothie - featuring green tea, kale, bananas, and spinach - is one serious winner. Also, bonus points for having some of the tastiest acai bowls in the whole city.


2. Mangue & Melon

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7070 Avenue Henri-Julien

Outdoor market lovers, this one's for you. Mangue & Melon is located in the Jean-Talon Market, which means that you can trust that all of its ingredients are super, super fresh; and if its location isn't enough to assure you, the straight-up awesome taste of their smoothies surely will.

Fresh, tasty, and good for you? I don't know if perfection exists, friends, but if it does, then it lives at Mangue & Melon.


3. NaturaJuicery

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212 Avenue Mont-royal east

Not only does this Plateau juice bar serve up some of the tastiest smoothies in the city, but Natura Juicery also happens to have a super extensive - and incredibly good for you - food menu, as well.

Meaning that you can pair your fave smoothie with delicious dishes, like their Veggie sandwich (with zucchini, eggplant, olives, and avocato hummus, and more), or their kale salad, with carrots, cucumbers, onions, lemon sauce, and more. All the yums? Yaassss.


4. Espace Nomad

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4650 Boul St-Laurent

You might remember that I've already given Espace Nomade quite a bit of love in the past; but this spot deserves a whole other shoutout for its amazing smoothies.

Espace Nomade is one seriously awesome spa, but if you're not in the mood to get legit pampered, it's all good. You can still enjoy this trendy and eclectic spot by ways of their smoothies, which are not only seriously delicious, but also highkey nutritious. Plus, bonus points for offering some of the tastiest chia puddings in the whole city. Delicious? You know it.


5. Rejuice

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5128 Rue Sherbrooke O

One of Montreal's legit first juice bars, Rejuice knows how to serve up one amazingly healthy smoothie (like their Green Smoothie, with banana, mango, pineapple, kale, and romaine).

The best part? They've got cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, and a whole entire detox system, as well - all of which can totally be delivered to your house, as an added, awesome benefit.


6. Pagaille

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101 Rue Villeneuve Ouest

Okay, straight-up, Pagaille is seriously awesome. Situated in Montreal's Mile End, this spot is a peaceful and welcoming cafe, with an awesome terrasse, a fantastic and vast menu (even featuring a good amount of vegan items), and an all-around top notch vibe.

All of this, of course, makes their amazing smoothies taste all that much better. These things are seriously fresh, seriously tasty, and seriously good for you; and although they offer a different smoothie of the day on a daily basis, you know no matter what, you're getting one quality and amazing healthy fruit delight.


7. Chez Jose

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173 Avenue Duluth Est

Honestly, how awesome is Chez Jose? Located right Montreal's Plateau, this adorable spot is ace at serving up delectable dishes, including their lowkey amazing crepes (protip, try the apple cinnamon crepes... honestly, it's an experience).

Their smoothies, though? OMG. Amazing. They've got a huge variety of different juice mixes and smoothies to pick from, but if you're a big a fan of coconut as I am, then I highly recommend trying their Monkey Tail, with bananas, oranges, and coconut milk. It's awesome... but you could say that about all of their smoothies, though, so no worries.


8. Aux Vivres

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4631 Boul St-Laurent

Oh, Aux Vivres, how I love you so. Not only does this spot offer up some incredibly tasty and healthy 100% vegan food, but Aux Vivres also happens to create some of the tastiest - and, of course, healthiest - smoothies in the whole entire city.

They've got about 7 different types of awesome smoothies for you to enjoy, but by far my fave has got to be their Blue Monkey smoothie. Featuring blueberries, banana, orange juice, and agave, this smoothie is one awesome flavour ride; but, then again, so are the rest of the smoothies, so no matter what you pick, you are good.


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