8 Things Montreal Students Should Avoid Doing During Final Exams

To ensure you pass your class.
8 Things Montreal Students Should Avoid Doing During Final Exams

The last week of school is right under our noses. The pressure of exams are becoming even more real than we would like to admit, so it’s really time to get your shit together and really start to hit the books. But it can prove to be a challenge when you live in a city that acts a big fat distraction. So, to give you a push in the right direction here are some places/things you need not do when you’re getting ready for exam time.

1. Cafes Around School

It may seem like a good idea to settle yourself down at a café around school to get some of your work done, but do not fall into the trap. These places are a breeding ground for unproductivity. You’ll see people you know, get distracted by the drink choices and take advantage of the free wifi to go one tumblr. Stick to the library kids.

2. Leaving Your House After 11PM

You know why this is a bad idea. Seeing all the people out there who are drinking and basking in their school free lives will make you forget about your own responsibilities. Do yourself a favour, stay inside and get to bed early. I’m assuming you’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow.

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3. The Gym

For some reason, Montreal student don’t really like fitness all that much, until exam period comes around. I call it active procrastination. You’re doing something productive to avoid doing the thing you’re actually supposed to be doing.

4. Too Many Smoke Breaks

Yeah I know it’s a stressful time, and since this city is full of cigarette addicts, there will be a fair amount of abusing it. Just don’t take it to the point where you find yourself outside, more than with the books.

5. The STM

For some reason whenever I’m on my way to an exam, the STM, always fails me. To avoid being late to an exam, skip the metro and walk to school.

6. Saint Cats, Saint Denis, Saint Laurent

The Montreal main streets are incredibly bad for the studying student. Bars, restaurants and shops are amazing ways to waste a couple of hours that you don’t have. To avoid tempting yourself, keep to the back roads.

7. Napping At School

A caffeine nap is okay as long as it doesn’t exceed 20 minutes. Don’t fall down the slippery slope of school napping. I know the McLennan couches are comfy, but you must resist!

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8. MTLBlog

As much as we love you, were not the best when it comes to helping you with productivity. Our website is a cesspool of ways for you to procrastinate. So after you read this, click away and come back when you’ve finished that essay.

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