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8 Things In Your House That Have Actual Sh!t On Them

It may be time to change your toothbrush.
8 Things In Your House That Have Actual Sh!t On Them

This week E. coli is in the news because 24 Canadians have been infected between July and August including 14 in Quebec (5 people needed to be hospitalized). And everyone knows that the most common way to get E. coli is by coming in contact with fecal matter. As it turns out, your house is covered in shit particles. So if you want to attempt to clear your house of all that filth, here are X things your own that have actual shit on them.

1. Your Phone

Your phone is the obvious first suspect for one simple reason, you take it to the bathroom with you without washing it afterwards. I for one can't go to the bathroom without my phone anymore. One time my phone was almost out of battery, so I waited for it to charge before going. According to Time, 16% of cellphones are contaminated with E. Coli.

2. Your Sponge

Dish sponges aren't changed nearly as often as they should be. And after they're used, most people don't even bother wringing them properly, so bacteria builds up. According to the BBC there are 10,000,000 bacteria per square inch of sponge. Some of that is poop.

Photo cred - diffen

3. Your Tap Water

Depending on the area you live in, your tap water might have shit swimming inside it. Do yourself a favor and buy a water filter.

4. Your Beard

If you live in Montreal and you have a penis, there's a a good chance you also have a beard. Now I can't speak for your penis (Nor do I want to), but your beard definitely has some shit on it. In 2015, some microbiologists found that the average beard has the same bacteria level as a toilet.

5. Your Food

Ground beef has been found to have a surprising amount of fecal mater inside it, so it may be time to avoid those under-cooked burgers. As for all those fresh vegetables that look so damn good, they've been grown within proximity to farm animals and water irrigation tends to spread the shit bacteria among the crops.

6. You Backpack / Purse

Have you ever had to put your bag on the floor because you had your hands full? Well, it's got poop on it now. Bags pretty much never get washed and purses are even more notorious for carrying bacteria. Mostly because of all those makeup and beauty products.

7. Your TV Remote

Admit it, it's never been washed. And it's been touched many times by many different people. As you know, people are disgusting, that's why they have those signs in bathrooms to remind people to wash their hands. And if you thought your TV remote was bad, that's nothing compared to hotel remotes.

Photo cred - theinquirer

8. Your toothbrush

Say it ain't so. Anything but the toothbrush! Well if you're smart your toothbrush is tucked away in a drawer or in a medicine cabinet. Because when you flush a toilet it sends out tons of bacteria into the air. And if your toothbrush is just sitting in a cup on your counter, it may have a little extra flavor on it.

Bonus: If you own a cat, I'm sorry to say, there is poop all over you house.


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