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8 Things To Do At Montreal's Massive "Vegetarian Food Festival"

Discover over 280 restaurants, dishes, products, and more!
8 Things To Do At Montreal's Massive "Vegetarian Food Festival"

For the 20th year in a row year in a row, Montreal will be hosting a huge "clean eating" festival at Palais Des Congres. Going down on March 24-26, it's called the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert, and it's going to be a whole lot of fun.

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I mean, I don't only know this because I've gone in the past and have always had an amazing time. I know because their program this year looks super fun; and in case you're wondering just what there is to do... well, wonder no more. I've got you covered.

Discover Montreal's vegan, vegetarian, and healthy restaurants.

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There'll be over 280 exhibitors at the festival this year, and a huge chunk of those are vegan/vegetarian/healthy restaurants from Montreal (like Cookie Stefanie, Aux Vivres, and Rawesome).

Creep yourself some free samples.

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With tons of food stalls, comes tons of free food opportunities, TBH.

Learn how to cook clean.

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Rachelle-Berry is going to be hosting a demo on how to cook with vegetarian and organic foods at the festival.

... And how to live clean.

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Bio-K will be hosting a talk on organic living, as well as presenting the newest trends in the industry.

Check out how you can incorporate clean living into your everyday life.

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There aren't just food stands at this festivals. There will also be areas promoting organic products for the home, body, and more.

Find out who whips up the best vegetarian dish in Montreal.

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With the "Championnat Amateur De Cuisine Vegetale De Montreal", a cooking contest meant to promote healthy cooking.

And see who the best bio artisan baker in the city is.

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The "Meilleur Artisan Boulanger" contest is taking place this year, too, where bakers will compete using only the best organic ingredients.

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