8 Things To Do With Your Dad In Montreal

You only have one dad, so make the most of it.
8 Things To Do With Your Dad In Montreal

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We all know Dads are a tough egg to crack. They’re the hardest people to buy presents for and they’re normally more content watching TV than going out to the movies. So you can be in quite a pickle when they decide to come down to visit you and you're left with nothing to do. Again, we are here to your rescue, and have created some ideas so you can have a great visit with your dad, stress free.

1. Historical Adventure

Montreal is an incredibly historic city, so why not take advantage. Dad’s love historic stuff. You can do anything from touring McGill’s campus to checking out the grave of Rocket Richard. This place is a museum in itself.

2. Get Some Fair Trade Coffee And Bagels

Coffee and bagels are the bomb. It’s simple, delicious and so Montreal. Fathers are simple creatures. They don’t need frills and bells. A good cup of coffee and a nice Montreal style bagel will do them good. We recommend Café M or Myriade.

3. Watch Hockey

You can either go to Habs game, or watch it in a sports bar. Either way, if your dad is a hockey fan which, let’s face it most are, then you have to give them a taste of how we do hockey here. Meaning, much more intensely than any other place on earth.

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4. Eat Somewhere Fancy In Old Port

He’s paying right! So go all out. Go check out this article to get some tasty ideas!

5. Listen To Some Jazz Music

I would go see a bumping concert with my dad but I’d definitely go see some jazz music. The Upstairs or The Bleury are always good options. Also for some reason the sangria at jazz bars are so good. Don’t ask me why.

6. Hike To The Mont Royal Lookout

Yes, it’s cliché. But c’mon, you can’t not go to the viewing deck when your dad is here. Especially if it is his first time visiting the city. It sounds corny, but hiking up the mountain is a great way to bond with your dad, and do touristy stuff at the same time.

7. Get Some Smoked Meat

Smoked meat that is. Luckily I have a whole separate article on the best smoked meat in Montreal, which you should use to guide you if you don’t already have a favourite place. I also recommend buying the meat at the restaurant and then making the sandwich at home. It’s more fun that way.

8. Do A Company Tour

I don’t know about you but my dad is a complete and total nerd. So, to tap in to his nerdy side, I’d probably indulge and take him on a company tour somewhere. Believe it or not a lot of places got their start here. I’d recommend checking out Ubisoft, the video game company, but the Montreal Gazette’s office on Saint Catherine’s is also pretty dope.

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