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8 Things You Only Ever Say To Your Sister

You can't live with them... that's it.
8 Things You Only Ever Say To Your Sister

With sisters there's no room for fibs. You say what's on your mind making them both hate and love you for it. Subsequently, there are things you just can't get away with saying to anyone other than your sister(s):

Photo cred - baba-saaein

1. “Come see the deuce I just dropped!”

Photo cred - randomuncguy

2. “Hey does your boob ever...” or “Hey do your nether regions ever...”

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3. “Mom called, she asked me to ask you to start on dinner.”

Sure she did.

Photo cred - demirockgod

4. “Ok don’t tell mom, but...”

Photo cred -demirockgod

5. “You told mom!?”

The betrayal of it all.

Photo cred -k-e-n-d-a-l-l-j-e-n-n-e-r

6. “Shut up, I didn’t even hit you that hard... Next time it’ll be the boob.”

7. “No I’m wearing that today! It’s not even yours, it’s ours.”

Photo cred -tmpgifs

8. “You look really ugly. Next outfit.”

The bond is special when it comes to sisters. Nothing is taboo and that's exactly how we like it.

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