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8 Things You'll Never See Again In Montreal

Your daily dose of nostalgia.
8 Things You'll Never See Again In Montreal

As Montrealers, we're pretty much used to change. Things change all the time in the city, and while most change is good - well, that doesn't mean we can't be a little bit nostalgic about the things we'll never see again. In case you needed reminding (or your daily dose of feels), here are 8 Things You'll Never See Again In Montreal.

1. An Expos Game

Remember how fun it was to collect Expos cards and go to all their games? Yeah, hold on to those feelings. Because we'll probably not be experiencing the again any time soon.

2. La Ronde's Le Diablo ride

Which was probably the most fun ride when you were a kid. Don't worry if you miss it, though. Le Diablo exists under another name at other Six Flags locations, unlike many of our other favourite rides.

Photo crew - Nordiques de Québec

3. Everyone banding together against the Nordiques

Don't pretend it wasn't awesome to see the Habs win against the Nordiques. Also don't pretend like you won't find an old Nordiques cap buried somewhere in your basement.

4. Roller skating waitress at the Orange Julep

Which was probably the best part of going to the Orange Julep. Sadly, the waitresses retired their skates for good in the early 2000s. It's okay though. We'll just settle on coming back for the juice and the cars. And, you know. The giant orange ball.

5. These old school bus passes

And the thrill of finding a kind bus driver who would pretend not to notice if your bus pass was a few days old. Bonus points to you if the highlight of your month was seeing what wacky new design the passes would have. Somehow, the blue and orange Opus designs just isn't the same.

6. All of the STCUM, actually

The STCUM got rid of two letters and is now just the STM, but that's not all that changed. Remember the paper transfers? The buses without the accordion extensions? The change boxes that kind of really worked on a good faith system? Yeah, me too. Shoutout to those beast turnstiles in the metro that would chachunk every time you'd feed in your bus pass. We miss you, STCUM. We miss you.

7. Le Drugstore

RIP cheap drinks and awesome karaoke nights. Le Drugstore was probably a huge staple of your night out, especially if you planned to hit the rest of the clubs in the Village later on in the night. Sadly, we've all had to find other places to pre game our nights out.

Photo cred - Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

8. Ben's Deli

Which was a Montreal institution, until it closed down in 2006. Was Ben's Deli actually the first place to bring smoked meat to Montreal? Who knows for sure. But I do know for sure that their smoked meat was ace, and now it's gone. #FrownsAllAround.

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