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8 Unexpected Reasons To Drink More Water

Forget about Monster and Redbull.
8 Unexpected Reasons To Drink More Water

Move over Monster, the real energy drink is here.

It's pretty much universal knowledge that drinking water is supposed to be good for you. But what exactly does it do and how can it benefit your health? For instance, did you know that girls should be drinking 6-8 glasses a day and guys should be drinking up to 10? That might sound like a lot right now, but when you hear these 8 unexpected reasons why you should be drinking more water, you'll wish you knew them sooner!

1. Flushes out the system

First and foremost, water helps to detoxify your colon and kidneys and help the blood circulation in your skin. Besides that, it boosts the production of lymph cells in your body and helps you to digest your food. Basically, water keeps everything working in top condition.

2. Fights Acne

Because water helps to stabilize the ph of your skin, it's only natural that it helps fight acne. Consuming high levels of sugar, caffeine, processed foods and certain fats can contribute to your acne and imbalance the chemicals and hormones in your body. On the other hand, drinking enough water can keep those things balanced and prevent breakouts, keep your skin clear, hydrated and brighter.


3. Helps in weight loss

Among all of its other health benefits, drinking a lot of water can help you feel more full. When you're full, you wont eat as much and therefor consume less calories. Even if you're someone who's not trying to lose weight, many of us fall into the trap of eating when we are bored or stressed and water fights that urge. Did you know that sometimes when your mind is telling you to dig into that bag of salty chips, you're not actually hungry but just dehydrated?


4. Prevents headaches

There are plenty of reasons why you may be getting headaches but more often then we realize, we were actually just dehydrated. A study made in London by the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, confirmed that water deprivation can cause pain but that after drinking about 200 ml of water, the subjects felt relief. when we have a headache, it's normal to think that maybe it's just because you didn't sleep enough- so we grab a cup of coffee to make up for it. Seeing how caffeine only dehydrates you more, it'll just make it worse! So the next time you think you need to grab an aspirin, just try having a tall glass of cold water first!

5. Keeps you energized and alert

When you first get up, drinking a glass of water can help wake you up. If the tastelessness bothers you, adding fruit like lemon, blueberries, strawberries or kiwi can give you a similar - but much less sugary - taste to juice. Feeling tired is one of the first signs that you could be dehydrated so whether you're trying to wake up in the morning or stay up late to study, water is a good way to help you stay more alert.

6. Muscle booster

When you're at the gym or doing any kind of exercise, sweating can make you more thirsty and in turn, your muscles become more tired. This is because the sweat pouring out of your body is faster then the liquids you're putting in. Drinking water before, during and after helps to give you that boost of energy you need to finish your sets and reps!

7. Keeps you from getting an injury or sprain

If it's something as minor as a cramp or DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness), many experts suggest that a major reason for it can be dehydration. Besides making sure to stay hydrated, being careful to stretch before working out/doing sports and cooling down afterwords is also essential to avoiding DOMS.


8. Fights sickness

No matter what kind of sick you're feeling, any doctor will tell you that staying hydrated is a must! Whether it's with lemon (which has added vitamins and can soothe a sore throat) or on its own, drinking a ton of water, eating well and sleeping enough with minimal activity is the best way to make sure you get better A.S.A.P!


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