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8 Ways To Stay Motivated This Semester In Montreal

Must... stay... awake...
8 Ways To Stay Motivated This Semester In Montreal

Are we really a month into school already?! I'm sure many of you are already feeling the pressure and have reached the procrastination stage. But we can hack it!

Below are some tips on how to stay motivated and avoid that dreaded cloudy thinking that screws up everything.

1. Remember why you're in school to start with

This isn’t high school. Nobody is legally keeping you in class anymore, which means you must be here for a reason. So why are you still in school? Do you want to be a doctor? A computer programmer at Ubisoft? Are you scared of your parents kicking you out if you flunk?

Be honest with yourself, and be sure to remind yourself why you’re here whenever you’re looking at your homework and are tempted to put it off.

2. Keep your workspace tidy.

Don’t ask me why, but the messier your workspace, the cloudier your mind will be. The same goes for your bedroom/dorm/apartment. If you start to feel like you can’t focus on your studies, try putting on some music and tidying up. A clear, organized space and cup of Timmie’s can make all the difference.

3. Set up study sessions with your classmates.

complicated assignment with your classmates instead of with your friends means that you’ll spend less time chatting and laughing over inside-jokes and more time actually getting work done with people who may know the subject better than you.

Worst-case scenario, you make some new friends and get a little work done. Either way it’s a win-win.

4. Make a bet with your friends

This one’s for the truly desperate out of you. Basically, round up a bunch of your friends and agree that the one with the highest r-score wins a prize - some Chanel makeup, Habs tickets - that the others pay for. Only one of you will win, but assuming you really want the prize you’ll stay motivated throughout the semester, which after all is whole point.

This tactic can range from friendly rivalry to a brutal competition depending on the prize you agree on, so be careful.

5. Stay healthy

I’m not saying that you suddenly need to hit the gym and start juicing. But your mind will be at its foggiest when you spend all day sitting and you consume nothing but junkfood and caffeinated drinks.

Get in the habit of carrying a bottle of water with you. Take walks through Mount Royal or the Old Port and enjoy the city before it snows. The goal here is to keep your mind clear, so every good choice has an impact.

6. Get involved in extracurricular

Nothing kills your drive like feeling alienated from the rest of the student body. So find at least one club or team on campus that interests you and get involved! It’ll keep you motivated, help you meet new people, and keep your brain in school-mode.

7. Take classes that actually interest you

Real talk, if you're only in Cal 1 to make your mom proud, you're not likely to do well in it. If you’re in Cal 1 because you want to be a mechanical engineer, then you’re probably going to work harder.

You’re in college now. It’s time to make your own decisions about your life. And part of that is choosing classes that you actually want to be in.

8. If all else fails, go to the McDonald's in Place Ville-Marie at one of its peak hours

Hey, scare tactics sometimes work!

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