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8 Winter 2016 Road Trips Close To Montreal

It's time for a mini adventure.
8 Winter 2016 Road Trips Close To Montreal

Finding road trip ideas in the summertime is pretty easy but not many people think about taking a winter road trip adventure. Which is crazy because if you're Canadian, then you know that the winter can turn a regular boring landscape into a breathtaking scenery.

There's plenty to do and see around Quebec if you're willing to take a short trip.

Here are 8 Unique Winter Road Trips Close To Montreal.

1. One Of The Oldest Crater Lakes On Earth

Nicknamed the Eye of Quebec, Lake Manicouagan was formed when a meteor stuck earth 214 million years ago. It is one of the oldest crater lakes on earth and the 5th largest overall. Rumor has it that something ancient and mysterious lies beneath the water.

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2. Rent A Private Island

Anyone can rent a cottage, but did you know that for the the same price as a cottage rental, you can rent an entire private island? "Secret island" is located 45 minutes away from Montreal and only costs $500 USD a night.

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3. Sleep With Wolves In Saguenay

You can actually sleep with wolves and walk with the caribou at the Boreal Forest. Spend a night in a tent cabin and fall asleep while listening to the sounds of howling wolf packs.

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4. The Tree House Hotel

Most hotels around the word a carbon copies of each other. But some are so amazingly unique that you’ll never want to leave your room. Kabania is one of those places. Who needs activities and sight seeing when the hotel itself is the sight to see.

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5. Skating On The Rideau Canal

Ottawa is home to the largest naturally frozen skating rinks in the world. Glide along the Canal's 7.8 kilometres. That's the size of 105 hockey rinks and the best part is access is free!

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6. Treetop Adventure

Treetop adventures and ziplines are fun, but if you really want to havr an adventure, you have to try them in the winter. Just don't get cold feet. Get it? cold feet? I know, it's a terrible joke. I'll just see myself out ...

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7. Carnaval De Quebec

This carnival isn't exactly a secret, but it's one of the biggest winter festivals for a reason. There's something for everyone and the fun doesn't stop until February 14th.

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8. Ice Hotel

This hotel is world renowned and only 10 minutes from Quebec City . The beds are made of ice, the shot glasses are made of ice, your ex GF's heart is made of ice. You get the idea.

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