80+ Montreal Restaurants Where You Can Get A Free Meal On Your Birthday

So that you don't have to 'dish' out cash on your special day.
80+ Montreal Restaurants Where You Can Get A Free Meal On Your Birthday

Yes you heard me, Montreal has 90 restaurants where you can get a complete free meal on your special day! These 90 restaurants have a large range of variety and are all absolutely delicious... and free! Not only can you enjoy that free delicious meal on your birthday, but you can also make a whole day event out of it! I suggest going out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert without spending a penny on your birthday!

So, treat yourself to delightful free meals that you definitely won't regret! You can bring your friends and enjoy a beautiful night on your birthday without worrying about spending money. Since the list is so HUGE I'm going to choose the top 20 that I suggest you should check out this summer! The rest can be seen in the link above!

Get Free Sushi At Toro Sushi Bar On Your Birthday

2045, rue Bishop

For some of that delicious sushi that everyone loves but that is always pretty expensive, head out to Toro Sushi Bar for some free meals on your birthday! Their sushi is always fresh and made extra special on your birthday. You can enjoy the all you can eat sushi with your friends without spending a dime!

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Get A Free Dinner At Chez Lien On Your Birthday

1246, rue Stanley

I strongly recommend checking out Chez Lien on your birthday for a meal that will have your mouth watering! Their authentic Asian food is absolutely incredible and to die for. So get yourself a birthday treat!


Get More Free Food At Odaki Restaurant Japonais On Your Birthday

3977, boul. St-Laurent

Since Japanese food is never enough just one time , I recommend checking out Odaki Restaurant Japonais for a spectacular free meal that includes all the things you want to eat on your birthday. I promise you that you won't regret it!

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Get A Free Desert At Tartine et Chocolat On Your Birthday

4581, rue St-Denis

If you happen to be in the Montreal Plateau Area on your birthday then Tartine et Chocolat is the perfect place to be! On your birthday, you can enjoy a free desert of your choice to quench your sweet tooth cravings. They are most known for their famous Belgian waffles and sweet crepes! You can have them topped off with chocolate , caramel, dulce de leche , fruits, nuts, and much more!

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Get Free Seafood At Casa Mare On Your Birthday

15714, boul Pierrefonds

For some delicious seafood and yummy pasta, I suggest checking out Restaurant Casa Mare Enrg in the West Island! It looks delightful and it is truly a great way to treat yourself for free on your birthday!


Get 50% Off Your Breakfast At Tutti Frutti On Your Birthday

800, boul. de Maisonneuve E.

For some fresh, hot, comfort food to start your day, I suggest checking out Tutti Fruitti! They serve amazing breakfasts that you can get for 50% off on your birthday. For the past 20 years, they have been perfecting their breakfast menu and now it's perfect for you on your special day.

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Get Free Mediterranean Food At Au Tarot On Your Birthday

500, rue Marie-Anne E

For over 35 years, Au Tarot has been making the absolute best Mediterranean food in Montreal. They specialize in authentic Algerian, Moroccan, and a Tunisian food. They have a fin atmosphere and delicious food which is completely free on your birthday.

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Get A Free Table D'hote At Peroni Resto Bar On Your Birthday

1155, rue Metcalfe

For some amazing autentic Italian food, I recommend checking out Peroni Resto Bar on your birthday for some free food. It is truly delicious and you will have a great time on your birthday.

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Get A Free Lunch At L'Évidence On Your Birthday

3817, rue St-Denis

Bistro l'Evidence offers warm and intimate French-style Brasserie in the Plateau Area. They have a beautiful outdoor terrace with a fabulous interior and a great ambiance. So, enjoy a great free breakfast on your birthday with your friends this summer.

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Get Free Wine At Cibo & Vino On Your Birthday

1228, rue Stanley

For some more delicious Italian eatery that includes pizza, pasta, veal dishes, wine, and more wine. then you should hit up Cibo & Vino. You get a free meal with some of the best wine that is also free.


Get $50 At Lobby Bar On Your Birthday On Your Birthday

4538, rue Papineau

For some refreshing drinks and a perfect free Italian dinner, I think that the Lobby Bar is the place for you! If you like pizza, seafood, Italian, or even Indian food then this is the place for you. Their variety is so perfect that literally anyone can go there on their birthday for free.

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Get A Free Meal At Yas On Your Birthday (YASSSSSS-Miranda)

5563, ch Upper-Lachine

This family owned business has been running for 30 years and specializes in Persian cuisine... Yas you heard me, over 30 years! All their food is fresh and it is all free on your birthday so get cracking to Yas Restaurant! YASSSSS!

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Get A Free BBQ At Kalbi Korean BBQ

1017, boul. St-Laurent

Oh yes, head down to China Town with you best friends this summer to enjoy the most amazing free meal on your birthday. They have South Korean cuisine where they grill with a special paper that absorbs the excess oil. Their spices and flavours are so powerful and yummy that you will want to get that free dish on every birthday.

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Get 50% Off Your Favorite Burger At ART: BRGR On Your Birthday

408, rue Gilford

For a modern twist on your birthday, go to ART: BRGR and get 50% off when it's your birthday! They see their burgers as a piece of art and the prepare it with the utmost care for your needs. All their elements are fresh and you will get addicted pretty quick!

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Get Free Desert At Station F On Your Birthday

3240, rue Rachel E

After you enjoy your delightful breakfast from Station F, tell them it's your birthday and you will get a free desert on your special day! So top offf your meal with some yummy cake to make it really feel like your birthday!

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Get A Free Asian Meal At Lanterne On Your Birthday

165, rue St-Charles O

For some fine Vietnamese, Sushi and Thai cuisine then head out to Lanterne for some hot af food! You get your meal free since it's your birthday so don't miss out!

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Get A Free Romantic Dinner At Le Mista On Your Birthday

955, rue Laurier

La Mista offers health food, Italian, Mediterranean, pasta, and vegetarian food. They have great beverages to match their awesome food that is totally free on your birthday. They have a cozy atmosphere with a casual attire for a nice night out with your friends on your birthday.

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Get A Free Meal At Bistro on the Avenue On Your Birthday

91362, ave. Greene

Since 1991, the Bistro On The Avenue has become one of Montreal's best restaurants. They have a New York/Paris atmosphere with fabulous food that us absolutely free on your birthday. They serve the freshest food In a cozy restaurants that is perfect for a casual birthday lunch.

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Get A Free Meal At Sandhu On Your Birthday

4548, ave. Papineau

If you want that Eclectic menu focusing on Indian and Italian standards then this is the place for you. Not only is your dish free, but you can get pizza and wine as well. They are situated with a contemporary setting that is stunning for your birthday!

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