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82 Year Old Woman Harassed For Speaking English At McDonald's

There are some things you just don't do as a well-mannered human being. Not stealing from the needy, is one. Being polite and respectful to your elders is another.

With that, harassing an 82-year-old is definitely off the table, but apparently not for a particular McDonald's customer in Boucherville who saw the need to berate an elderly woman while in line. The 82-year-old woman's crime? Speaking English.

That's exactly what happened to the mother of Ted Bird, the morning show host for Jewel 106.7, who recounted the event via Facebook.

According to Bird, when his mother, a unilingual Anglophone who only moved to Quebec a few years ago, ordered her food at a McDonald's in Boucherville, another customer felt the need to let her know how terrible that was to do, and that she should be speaking in French.

Not wishing to spark a language-debate, Bird made a point to demonstrate that this instance isn't about the need to speak French in Quebec. Rather, it's to showcase how poorly people can treat each other, and the audacity of an individual who felt the need to "emotionally bully an 82 year old woman."

Check out a screen cap of the original post below.

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