9 + 1 Things To Do On Valentine's Day In Montreal With Someone You Just Started Dating

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9 + 1 Things To Do On Valentine's Day In Montreal With Someone You Just Started Dating

You know when you meet someone new right around Valentine’s day and you’re feeling really awkward about doing the typical romantic dinner and rose petals everywhere type of thing. Because it will clearly be too much.

So I thought it would be appropriate to write about a few laid back V-day activities for you and your new bae that aren't going to scare him/her away. There are so many chill things you can do together without getting all cheesy and lovey dovey.

1. Denial date

One of the easiest ways of dealing with Valentine's in the early stages of your relationship is by pretending it doesn't exist. Just ignore it and do whatever you would normally do if it wasn't February 14th. Would you be seeing each other and having dinner? Great, then do that.

2. Double date

Feeling a little awkward to commit to an intimate one on one date? No problem. You can totally have a double date. Do something fun together with your friends, like a real-life quest game at A/Maze. It's guaranteed to make you and your company feel comfortable. Not to mention that it's actually fun.

3. Giggity giggity

The obvious. Why not have a bedroom date? Get your 50 Shades Of Grey face on and "celebrate" away.

4. Brunch

This year, Valentine's day falls on a Sunday which is perfect for a brunch. Grab your bae and head to one of these places for a delicious low-key celebration.

5. Card and/or chocolates

Hey, you might want to step out of your comfort zone A LITTLE bit and get him/her a card and/or chocolates. Why not? It's not that overwhelming if you think about it. Want to get a little more adventurous? Prepare these bacon-chocolate shot glasses and get tipsy together.

6. Reasonably priced dinner date

If you're afraid of going overboard, opt for a "reasonably priced" dinner date. Nothing too crazy, just something super down to earth, yet still Valentine's day appropriate... You know what I mean? Here's a list of Montreal restaurants that perfectly fit within this category.

7. Party!

Instead of having an actual date, why not get a little wild and party together instead? Head to a bar in Plateau, get some drinks and have an unforgettable night together.

8. Netflix and chill

Netflix and Chill is always a good idea. Especially considering that this coming Sunday the temperature is going to get ridiculously cold... it will be a perfect day to stay in and cuddle.

9. Say "YOLO!" and go all out

Who says you CAN'T get romantic with someone you just met? If it does't work out, you'll still get to keep fun memories you shared together. Go all out, have dinner, ride in a horse carriage, get fireworks, hire a private chef, fly to Vegas, go crazy, have fun! Your life, your rules.

10. Skip V-day (BONUS)

Another alternative would be to skip Valentine's day altogether. It's easy AND cost effective.

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