9 Best Bars In Montreal You And Your Friends Have To Go To If You Love Tequila

For when you want a wild kind of night.
9 Best Bars In Montreal You And Your Friends Have To Go To If You Love Tequila

Tequila is honestly life in a bottle. Tequila is just there for you whenever you need it. Having a bad day? Drink some tequila! Having a good day? Drink some tequila! It's your birthday? Drink some tequila!

Like I said, you really can't go wrong with tequila. And there's no better alcohol out there to accompany a birthday, a random week day night out, a bachelorette party or any celebration for that matter.

Of course, you could go to basically any bar in the city and get a shot of tequila straight up, but I'm talking about some refreshing, delicious cocktails made with the magical golden brown liquid.

Below is a list of some of the best bars that feature the most amazing tequila cocktails in the city!

1. Le Tequila Bar

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4401 Rue Notre-Dame O

This is THE spot to go if you love tequila. You can just tell by the name how perfect this place is for tequila lovers. It has an impressive amount of tequilas from all over the world.

They also make delicious tequila cocktails. So bring your pals and enjoy your tequila-filled birthday at this bar!


2. L'Assommoir Resto-Bar

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211 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

A hip bar specializing in cool cocktails, you've got to hit up this place if you're a tequila lover. They feature a cocktail that's like a mojito but is made with tequila, a Tequilajito! With DJs and a good atmosphere what better place to celebrate your birthday?


3. La Distillerie

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2047 Mont-Royal Ave E

La Distillerie offers dozens of fruity and delicious drinks presented in giant mason jars. They have a variety of different cocktails and many of them feature tequila! Try the Pepito Pastèque with tequila, watermelon, peach, elderflower, and lemon-lime soda. Yum!!!


4. Pinq Taco

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3612 St Laurent Blvd

Come to this bar if you're looking for a crazy party and some good ol' tequila shots. Grab your besties and head here early and you might just wind up with some complementary shots (if you're lucky). They also offer good deals on tequila shots some nights!


5. Ludger

It's great weather for a 5à7 outside! I'm having one with CC, lemon, Thai basil syrup, cardamom and egg white.

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4001 Rue Notre-Dame O

Another Notre-Dame staple, Bar Ludger offers some delicious cocktails made with tequila. Their Pan-Am cocktail features tequila, bourbon, angostura and orange. Grab your closest besties and head over to this Saint Henri bar and enjoy their summer patio for your birthday celebration!


6. Maison Boulud

La plage Moët est de retour! The Moët Beach is back!

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1228 Sherbrooke St W

Treat yourself to a fancy cocktail at the Ritz Carleton's restaurant/bar. They offer some amazing cocktails such as The Borsch, featuring tequila, black current liquor, beet juice, tabasco sauce and Sriracha bitters. Enjoy your special day in style!


7. Bar Le Lab

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1351 Rachel St E

This bar is insanely cool. They make experimental cocktails that are delicious and look the part as well. Good news for you tequila-lovers is that they offer many cocktails featuring tequila! Try the Arugula Monster, made with tequila, Suze, pineapple, lemon, Tropical Lab Syrup, matcha tea, wasabi extract and arugula.


8. Bar Datcha

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98 Avenue Laurier O

Bar Datcha is nightclub in the mile end. They have events every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. They also have a full bar with creative cocktails such as their Burning Man cocktail made with tequila, aperol and kombucha hibiscus.

So come to this bar and dance the night away with an amazing tequila cocktail!


9. Le Mal Necessaire

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1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Located in Chinatown, this bar is hip and perfect for a birthday celebration. Their most popular drinks come in hollowed out pineapples! They also have some delicious tequila drinks such as their Old Mexican made with tequila, chocolate bitters, lime, mint and prosecco.


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