9 Best Places Where You And Your Friends Can Get Authentic Henna Tattoos In Montreal

Temporary but beautiful for summer.

Most people are unaware of the true story behind henna. Henna tattoos have actually been practised for over 5,000 years in countries such as  Pakistan and India, and regions in Africa and the Middle East. However, our western society has adopted Henna into their culture as well.

Henna is traditionally used for special occasions like holidays,birthdays and weddings. The most common one that we are all familiar with is the Mehndi Night where the bride, her family, relatives and friends get together to celebrate the wedding to come.

Many people now get henna done during the summer for fashion purposes. But the truth is, most people are actually getting fake hennas in Montreal! As opposed to the beautiful staining brown/orange plant that they use, most people are actually using back ink!

I know from experience the great difference between the two and trust me, you want the real one! Not only is real henna more beautiful, and lasts longer, but it also helps the skin. Whereas when I received fake henna, I actually had a skin rash reaction!

So to help you all I have decided to compose a list of Montreal's authentic henna parlours! As a word of advice, your henna should not be back but brown. Black henna is actually illegal in Canada. So get ready to look fresh this summer with some great authentic henna tattoos!

1. Zen Henna

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At Zen Henna, they use pure natural organic, chemical free henna called BARAKA. The founder, Lily Sweet, began Zen Henna years ago and has received great reviews about her authentic products.

She offers private appointments at their studio or at home. In addition, she even has prenatal henna! Her henna gives amazing dark stains in beautiful patterns and designs.


2. Henna Montreal

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Near Henri-Bourassa & St-Michel (exact address disclosed upon confirmation of your appointment)

The artist of Henna Montreal, Capucine, is very experienced and has been a professional henna artists for over 30 years. Henna Montreal offers premium quality mendhi services all over Montreal!

She creates beautiful artworks all over your body with great authentic henna! Be sure to check them out this summer for that look you've been wanting.


3. Lumanessence

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Near Jean-Talon metro station & the Plaza St-Hubert (Please call to find out the complete address as well as our opening hours)

This private studio has been running since 2002, Luma R. Brieuc actually founded it. She adorns peoples bodies with magnificent real henna tattoos. Each of her henna tattoos are unique and turn to a rich reddish brown colours that will last between 7 to 21 days.

I strongly recommend her! She is great and she also serves as a photographer. So get that henna on!


4. Shraddha Henna Designs

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2645 Rue Bercy, Apt 4

One of the most popular studios in Montreal's happens to be Shraddha Henna Designs. Shraddha actually never took a course in henna. Instead she learn't from her mother and has natural born talents.

Her henna lasts for 10-15 days and she actually makes her own henna past! She uses lemon juice, tea, essential oils, and water.

There are no chemical dyes and she has been doing henna for over 12 years. Her specialities are bridal henna, Arabic styles, belly designs, hand and feet designs, and arm designs. She even does white henna which is just as beautiful!


5. Alliebee Henna

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Email info@alliebee.ca for the address

Alliebee Henna has a large variety of designs to choose from that last up to 3 weeks. They offer many services from bridal to corporate events.

They began in 2011 and have been running strong as one of Montreal's best henna studios. The founder Allison does beautiful work that i strongly recommend!


6. Viva La Henna

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7. Henna CKG

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Brossard/Montreal ( email hennackg@outlook.com for the specific address)

Henna CKG also uses 100% natural ingredients to make their own henna paste to achieve remarkable stains. You can choose an artists based on their personality that suits the design you desire best! They supply great services and beautiful hennas!


8. Adrenaline

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1541 Sherbrooke Street West & 1000 Blvd St Jean #40 Pointe Claire Quebec

Adrenaline actually supplies temporary red henna tattoos. Their Red Henna tattoos should last from 1 ½ weeks – 8 weeks.

It is very important to book an appointment since their red henna takes 6 hours to make. Adrenaline offers more modern designs as opposed to traditions so put a fashion twist on your body!


9. BONUS Make Your Own!

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Most of the henna studios listed above actually sell their henna! So you can either buy a henna kit and make your own designs on you and your friends or you can make it!

I suggest doing some research for your personal ingredients but here is a link to help guide you: https://www.hennacaravan.com/how/mix.html

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