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9 Best Things To Do At The Massive Free Old Port Festival This Weekend

Bring the whole family.
9 Best Things To Do At The Massive Free Old Port Festival This Weekend

Calling all science lovers! Montreal biggest science festival is coming to town for its 11th installment.

The family-friendly EUREKA! Festival has attracted over 76,000 visitors since the festival began over 11 years ago.

This massive festival runs for 3-days and is held in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal near the Science Centre between the Alexandra Quay and Jacques-Cartier Quay.

The outdoor festival will have over 100 interactive activities to participate in and is fun for all ages! Don't forget the best part: it's 100% free.  Pop in for a quick tour or stay all day or weekend long.

That said, we looked over the programming and wanted to highlight some of the demonstrations, shows, activities, and workshops that stand out.

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1. Create your dream robot, where you can assemble your own robot and take it home! 

2. Lego Robot Race, use an electronic tablet to race steer your robot around obstacles and race to the finish! 

3. Coding, STEM, and your future. A workshop about robotics coding and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

4. Home Automation, a workshop on the technology that will soon be taking over our homes.

5. Robots Helping Animals, a workshop on how technology is helping save endangered species.

6. Insects on Stage, in this interactive musical show you will learn all about insects. 

7. Legends Take Flight, this bird show will reveal the mysteries of wild birds of prey.

8. Secrets of The Brain, unlock the secrets of neuroscience with a hands-on workshop where you dissect a cows brain and find out about Brain Research Program. 

9. Robots Controlled by your mind, this hands-on workshop will allow you to control robots with your movements, brainwaves, and emotions.

Everything you need to know about the festival:

Where: Old Port 
When: June 8th from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm, June 9th from 10:30am-7:30pm,  and June 10th from 10:30am-6:30pm

For the full program and map of the event click HERE. For the official Facebook event click HERE. 

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