9 Best Vegan Pastry Shops In Montreal

You can't even tell they're vegan!
9 Best Vegan Pastry Shops In Montreal

Being vegan is no easy feat, especially when croissants exist. Buttery goodness is hard to resist even when you have strong moral beliefs to have it up.

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Passing by a bakery or just going out for breakfast with your friends presents tons of temptation. I personally long for a good cupcake all the time.

Luckily the bakers of the world have our back and know how to give us the pastries we so desperately crave without including any animal products.

So, if you're vegan (or not), come check out these awesome vegan pastry shops in Montreal:

1. Audacieuse Vanille

This Montreal-based vegan pastry shop is honestly a dream come true because you can order them right to your door. By shopping online right here, you can stock up on your favorite treats for the entire week, month, year, you name it! However, they also have deals with a ton of vegan cafés and stores in Montreal so you can find also find their products at all their products at these Montreal locations.

2. Dalla Rose Crèmerie

This Montreal ice cream shop is the perfect place for icy treats and baked goods. I personally cannot wait for summer to come around and it's a really good feeling to know that I won't have to sweat it out while the rest of my friends enjoy a nice ice cream cone. I can have one too, and with a brownie to boot. Check out their website for everything you need to know.

Find it here!

3. Dugout Pâttiserie

Need a nice place to study, enjoy a cup of coffee, and have some sweets? This shop is the place to be for amazing vegan pastries. It's a great place to spend an afternoon and just pig out on everything you can't get anywhere else. Cupcakes, brownies, donuts, you name it! Don't limit yourself as to what you can eat, because guess what? You don't have to.

Find it here!

4. Havre aux Glaces

Havre-aux-Glace's authentic and unique creations will surely impress you. Their attention to detail and culinary skills produce the best possible thing you could put in your mouth. They make full cakes and yule logs, so they're the perfect place to get a pre-made vegan dish for a family holiday. They've even got amazing gelato! From cakes to cones, there's something for everyone.

Find it at these 3 locations!

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5. Hoche Glacé

Just looking at their photos on Facebook makes my mouth water. Vegan brownies aren't so easy to find at normal stores, so thankfully this little ice cream shop has them in stock for us. Whether you want something cold or warm and gooey, this is the place for you.

Find it here!

6. Petit Lapin

This little bunny themed place has something for everyone, and I mean everyone! They stay away from any allergens like nuts, dairy, gluten. So, yes, naturally their treats are completely vegan. And you can also order them online. Check out their website to learn all about it.

Find it here!

7. Rawesome

The first thing that caught my eye about this place was their amazing selection of cakes. If you're lucky, and I mean really lucky, you find find one vegan pre-made cake in the frozen section of a grocery store. Here, they have a whole bunch of delicious looking flavors. Check out all their cakes on their website!

Find it here!

8. Sophie Sucrée 

This vegan pastry shop has a menu that is to die for! They've got scones, they've got tarts, they've got cheesecakes, they've got everything you miss from the non-vegan world. I'm pretty sure that if I spent an afternoon here I'd leave having gained ten pounds, but I am also 100% okay with that. Check out their website to see everything they have to offer!

Find it here!

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9. DoughNat

Brought to you by Nathalie Kaspy-Shtern, the chef behind DoughNat are these delectable vegan donuts. If you check out her website, you'll find 6 amazing vegan donut flavors that you can order and have delivered right to your place. You can also find her products at all of these Montreal locations. It honestly makes my day when I show up at a cash register and find a DoughNat on sale. It's a great way to #treatyoself.


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