Alright, show of hands: Who here loves biking? Everyone? Of course! There's nothing quite like hopping on your bike and zipping through the streets of Montreal.

Of course, while different people bike for different reasons, you also can't deny there's something inherently awesome about slowing things down a little and taking a leisurely ride through Montreal. Don't know where to begin your biking adventure, though? Well, no worries. I got your back.

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L'Ile De La Visitation

L'Ile De La Visitation is honestly one of the most awesome spots to bike through. It's a park, forest, and island all in one, and at some places, you can also see rapids and adorable animals (like pelicans, no joke).

What makes it such a breathtaking place to bike through, though? The variety. At any point, you can be biking right next to the river, and then through the park, and then near the forest. If you get tired, there's a whole picnic area, too, so don't forget to pack some food and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Rivière des Prairies.

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Iles-de-Boucherville National Park

Located in Montreal's South Shore, taking a bike ride through Iles-de-Boucherville National Park will pretty much change up your biking game. Other than having a couple of beautiful, smooth, and peaceful trails, there are some incredibly beautiful waterside sights to take in from Iles-de-Boucherville National Park's vantage point.

Unlike L'Ile De La Visitation, which is located towards the North of Montreal, Iles-de-Boucherville National Park is more towards the South. So, if you bike them both, you'll be able to take in Montreal from two opposite - yet gorgeous - angles.

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Mount Royal Park

And by this, I mean all of it. Mount Royal Park is huge, and has a giant bike path spanning most of the mountain, which is why it's difficult to narrow down just one spot to go biking. No matter which bike path you choose, though, make sure to get yourself to the Summit. You'll see some beautiful sights along the way, and the view of Montreal from the top is more than worth the cycle.

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Lachine Canal

Situated just along the Lachine Canal, this just might be one of the more popular bike paths in Montreal - but that doesn't make it any less beautiful. Although a lot of people tend to come here, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a leisurely bike ride and take in all the sights. And, with a gorgeous waterfront view of the city, there are some seriously amazing Montreal sights to admire.

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Parc Lafontaine

If you've been in Montreal for any amount of time, then the chances are very high that you know about Parc Lafontaine. This Plateau park is extremely popular, and one stroll through will tell you exactly why. It's beautiful.

There are bike paths, places to chill, spots to go jogging - and, in the middle, there's a huge fountain. Like, seriously huge. Despite all the action, though, Lafontaine still offers a super calm and peaceful bike ride, allowing you to slow down and enjoy the view.

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Parc Maisonneuve

Close to the Olympic Stadium, the Botanical Gardens, and the Biodome, it's a no-brainer that biking through Maisonneuve Park will get you to a variety of awesome Montreal spots. But when it comes to this park, the journey is just as awesome as the destination.

Not only is Maisonneuve Park calm, serene, and lowkey gorgeous, it's also got one seriously awesome bike path going through it.

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Fleming Windmill

I don't know what it is about windmills, but I honestly just find them so interesting. If you do, too, then you'll be super happy to learn that Montreal's got a bike path that leads you right in front of the Fleming Windmill. Which, btw, is also probably the perfect spot for a picnic - especially considering its proximity to the water.

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Habitat 67

Biking near the water is awesome and all, but if you want to see something truly unique, check out the bike path near Montreal's Habitat 67. Not only do you get to admire one of Montreal's ports from up close, but you also get to marvel at the architectural genius that is Habitat 67.

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Jacques Cartier Bridge

Honestly, biking across a bridge in and of itself is super cool. But biking across Montreal's Jacques-Cartier bridge? Yeah, that's seriously magical.

There's something awesome about biking above all that water, and biking through all that traffic, that just makes you feel incredibly alive. Plus, you can admire Montreal's skyline from afar, which is one of the most gorgeous sights in the whole world (in my slightly biased opinion).

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