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9 Canadian Stereotypes That Are Actually Kinda True

Nobody really knows when all of the Canada jokes started started being made. In the Era of the Internet, Canada has all but become a meme of a country, with people poking fun at everything from our food to our weather to how we talk. And yet us Canadians don't really complain - I guess it's because we really are as nice as they think we are.

Here are 9 Canadian stereotypes that aren't as far off as you'd think. 

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1. We apologize constantly

Admit it. You apologize when someone bumps into you. You even apologize when you sneeze. It's okay. We all do it. No need to apologize.

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2. We're obsessed with hockey

Flights get delayed here when there are important hockey games going on because the passengers won't board until they find out who won. We riot when we lose. We riot when we win. We're a crazily tolerant bunch, but wear a Maple Leafs jersey in Montreal and you will get your ass kicked. And it will be your fault.

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3. We're really serious about our beer

If our international reputation for brewing beer wasn't enough, here's a photo of two of the athletes on the Canadian women's hockey team right after winning gold at the 2010 Olympic Games. The team didn't even wait to get off the ice.

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4. We're surrounded by moose and beavers

We've all seen a beaver at least once. They're an extremely common part of Canadian wildlife. As for moose... They're a real threat. We have moose crossing signs on some of our roads, and hitting a moose is usually a death sentence (the moose will brush it off). And, occasionally, they'll appear the fvck out of nowhere, like in the gif above.

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5. We survive off of poutine, maple syrup, and Tim Horton's

We may eat other foods, but let's be real, we all need poutine, maple syrup, and Timmie's to stay alive. We learn to love winter as children by playing hockey and visiting the cabane à sucre, or sugar shack. We need our cup of Tim Horton's coffee to start the day. And poutine is just plain delicious.

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6. We live in a frozen wasteland

Okay, not quite. But we do have short summers and winters that are typically anywhere from -5 to -40 degrees, and nobody bats an eye when it inevitably hails at least once each summer. We're like the Starks of Winterfell...Except we don't say winter is coming, because winter's usually already here.

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7. We're ridiculously polite

It's not immediately obvious. And then you go elsewhere and realize not everyone opens doors for strangers, says "please" and "thank you," or keeps their voices down in restaurants. (I'm looking at you, 'Murica.)

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8. We hate Justin Bieber

Hate's a strong word. But regardless of the catchiness of his music, we dislike him for acting like an idiot and making us all look bad. Although, if he said sorry and started being more polite, we would totally forgive him. We're nice like that.

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9. We have our sh*t figured out

Free healthcare. Literacy rate in the high nineties. Life expectancy in the eighties. Religious tolerance, long maternity/paternity leaves, and while we haven't started any wars, we've sure finished a few. And our money smells like maple syrup.

Canada isn't perfect - no country is. But all in all, we're doing great.

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