9 Cozy Montreal Coffee Spots That Are Perfect For A First Date

Let the space break the ice for you.
9 Cozy Montreal Coffee Spots That Are Perfect For A First Date

First dates are always a little bit awkward. But the right setting, with calm lighting and cozy decor, can instantly diffuse and sooth all the nervous tension like aloe on a sunburn.

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There are a ton of cafes in Montreal, but not all of them make great first date spots. Here is a couple that is awesome for first dates first-and-foremost because of their relaxing and chill ambiance, but also - because of what they offer.

Some serve coffee only, some do drinks and food, too.  This leaves room for options if your date goes really well- bust open the wine! Or conversely, if your date is going badly, maybe a little cocktail will help loosen things up. In any case, here they are!

1. Grab a cup of joe and snack at the bright and vibrant Cafe Pista

Why you should go: Cafe Pista is a charming, creative, and bright little space in Petite Patrie. It serves light food options such as granola and fresh sandwiches, perfect for a casual date.


2. Grab a drink or coffee at the truly unique and hip Cafe Parvis

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Why you should go: Cafe Parvis is one of my favs. Tucked away on Mayor street, you would never know it's there unless someone told you. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing. The food is also outstanding. But you can just go for a quick cup, if that's your thing.


3. Get cozy at the very homey and cozy Cafe Névé in the Plateau

Why you should go: Cafe Névé has been around for a bit now. It's a Plateau staple for a warm latte in the winter or fresh homemade lemonade in the summer. There is really no going wrong with a visit to this charming Plateau gem.


4. Grab a cup or sweet gelato at casual neighborhood Italian Cafe De Mercanti

Why you should go: Cafe De Mercanti is an Italian cafe for all of you who live out in NDG and need a date spot nearby. Serving classic Italian-style pastries and yummy lattes, it's a great place to bring a date in the neighborhood.


5. Impress someone who appreciates design and bring them to Cafe Boxermans in Outremont

Why you should go: With a perfectly minimal yet warm environment this new Outremont gem stand-out on Van Horne Avenue. They serve coffee, but also delicious looking brunch and lunch every day.


6. Sip on a casual drink at the very hip and chill Cafe Bloom in Verdun

Why you should go: Cafe Bloom opened recently in the quickly gentrifying borough of Verdun. Its lovely Mediterranean-inspired decor is perfect to sip a coffee with a first date or for a 3-hour Sunday brunch with friends.


7. Grab a drink at the super relaxing home-like space at September Surf Cafe

Why you should go: September Surf Cafe is a hybrid coffee shop and surfboard workshop. It doesn't get more hipster-y than that. Jokes aside, the space is very relaxing and the coffee is actually good. Bonus: there's super cute backyard terrasse in the summer.


8. Bring your date to Caffe Farina for a slightly elevated coffee date

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Why you should go: Caffe Farina interior fuses warm and rich tone of velvety deep blue with contemporary accents of sleek marble. In short, it's beautiful. It's a truly pleasant and airy space to sip on one of their many specialty drinks. Stop for a bite, too. They have a small menu of light breakfast food.


9. Impress a true coffee-lover and bring them to Cafe Vito in Little Italy

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Why you should go: Cafe Vito made the list because I'm biased and it's my favorite place to pop in and get a coffee when I'm hanging around the Jean-Talon area. It's a very small space that focuses on one thing - amazing Italian coffee. Take your drink and stoop outside or go for a walk in Jarry Park. Pure romance.