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9 Cute Towns You Can Visit In Quebec

Fall in love with your province.
9 Cute Towns You Can Visit In Quebec

Real talk: the province of Quebec is gorgeous. If you've been here for literally any amount of time, though, you might have already noticed that, though.

Of course, Quebec is also highly diverse. We've got bustling towns and rural areas; forests and beaches; rapids and lakes; we've got it all, friends. Including some towns that are just too picture-perfect to not visit, at least once, during your stay in la belle province.

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1. Stanstead

Love flowers? Sorry, that was a dumb question. Of course you love flowers - everyone does. And, if you're willing to go on a super brief road trip to the adorable town of Stanstead, Quebec, then let me tell you, your love of all things floral will be well rewarded.

The Bleu Lavande lavender field is located in Stanstead. If the name sounds familiar, that's because Bleu Lavande sells a whole bunch of lavender wellness products right here in Quebec. If you're a fan of the brand, then you're going to love seeing where all your favourite products come from.

If you just lowkey love all things gorgeous, though, then you're going to love it here, too. The lavender fields are beautiful, hugely popular, and only a 1.5 hour drive away from Montreal, making this spot one of the most adorable Quebec towns you could possibly venture to.

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2. Port-Au-Persil

If you're looking for someplace to go to escape the buzz of everyday life, then friends, this spot is for you. A five hour drive from Montreal will bring you to Port-Au-Persil, located in Charlevoix/Saint-Siméon - and, with cottages, an inn, and beautiful waterside views, this spot is probably the most serene in the whole province.

Plus, if you're into some seriously good cider (and, I mean, who isn't), then this spot was practically made for you. Their Cidrerie-Port-Au-Persil freshly makes some of the tastiest cider in Quebec; plus, they've got the oldest ceramics shop in Quebec, meaning that it's a perfect spot for history buffs, too.

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3. Tadoussac

Honestly, Tadoussac is probably my favourite place in Quebec (other than Montreal, that is). A lot of us might know Tadoussac as an awesome spot to go whale watching, and while this is a hugely impressive aspect of the town, it's got some seriously amazing treasures, too.

For example, in October, Tadoussac hosts a month-long gastronomic food festival; in June, there's a Tadoussac music festival going down; and, in September, there's a migratory bird festival for everyone to enjoy. Seriously, this Quebec town is super festive and fun - and, with an awesome beach, it's winning on all levels. All of this just a five hour drive out of Montreal, too? Yup. That's a huge win, friends.

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4. Magog

If you're down to visit a beyond adorable Quebec town, where you can do pretty much everything under the sun, then Magog's your place. Seriously, it's got everything, friends.

Vineyards (!), hiking trails, amazing restaurants, boat tours, labyrinths... the list of awesome things to do in Magog is never-ending. The best part, though? This Quebec town is about an hour and a half drive out of Montreal. So strap yourself in for one awesome road trips, and prepare to be blown away by your destination.

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5. Morin-Heights

A lot of us know Morin-Heights as an awesome ski destination. Although the winter activities this town has to offer are on-point, it's also one seriously fun place to chill during the summer, as well.

With some seriously relaxing, serene, and gorgeous spas, Morin Heights is your go-to destination to get away from the city and just recharge your batteries for a little bit. If you're not the type of person who thrives in a relaxing environment, though? No worries, because Morin Heights is also packed with some more adventurous options for those thrill-seekers among us (like their zipline, for example).

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6. Chicoutimi

Down to be one with nature? Beautiful. In that case, there's no better place for you in Quebec than the gorgeous town of Chicoutimi.

Not only does Chicoutimi offer a beautiful natural landscape, but it has tons of opportunities to for you explore it, too. They've got nature walks, sightseeing tours, hiking paths, and much, much more.

Including, of course, the museum of the Petite Maison Blanche, which is a must-see for anyone and everyone who's interested in Quebec's history. All of this a mere five hour drive away from Montreal? I know, friends. I know.

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7. Havre-Aubert

This beautiful Quebec island is, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking spots on this list. It's got all the beauty and charm of a beach town, mixed with all the charm and beauty that is the province of Quebec.

A couple of the awesome things you'll get to do when you decide to visit Havre-Aubert? Well, you'll get to go check out their super fun and fascinating aquarium; their local sand art exhibitions; and much, much more.

Although it's quite a trek away from Montreal, clocking it at roughly a 20 hour drive, it's super worth the travel time to pay this gorgeous spot a visit. Plus, what could be more fun than a summertime road trip?

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8. Kamouraska

If you're looking for a beyond cute place in Quebec that has it all, then you can stop your search. Kamouraska's the place for you.

Gorgeous piers, historical sights, kayaking adventures, and museums are all a part of what make Kamouraska so awesome to visit... but, honestly, there's a casual, relaxed sort of vibe to the small town that makes it a really unforgettable place to spend some time at.

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9. Baie-Saint-Paul

TBH, I don't even know where to begin with this adorable and fun Quebec town. Super famous for being the birthplace of Cirque du Soleil, this city is the perfect summer destination if you're down to explore Quebec.

A three hour drive from Montreal, Baie-Saint-Paul offers more than a super rich and fascinating history. With tons of fantastic restaurants, art galeries, spas, museums, boutiques, and more, Baie-Saint-Paul is pretty much a hub of culture... and a perfect road trip destination, to boot.

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