9 Surprising Ways You Can Boost Your Energy Without Drinking Coffee

Chewing bubble gum is one of them.
9 Surprising Ways You Can Boost Your Energy Without Drinking Coffee

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Most of us can't start the morning with out a cup of coffee. We've become very reliant on our caffeine early mornings, mid-afternoons, and in between errands. With accessibility to coffee shops and canned energy drinks around us 24-7, it makes it very easy for us to choose unhealthy and unnatural ways to keep us awake and wired.

Although hardly ever mentioned there are many ways to boost your energy without caffeine. These can be done daily, inexpensive, and not time consuming at all.

1. Drink water.

Harvard Health Publications created a study showing that water is proven to enhance performance in the most demanding endurance activities. Lack of H2O slows down the body's systems.

2. Walk.

Personality and Social Psychology studies have proven that just power-walking for 10 minutes improved alertness for an extra two hours.

3. Become physically active.

Although walking can instantly revive you, exercising often is also proven to provide you with more energy. Researchers at the University of Georgia found a direct link associated with physical exercise and reduced risk of fatigue.

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4. Take a cold shower.

Cold showers can stimulate your body by increasing blood circulation.

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5. Chew Gum.

Chewing gum can stimulate the autonomic nervous system which can increase alertness.

6. Eat Healthy Fats.

Healthy fats are required in your diet to help properly absorb antioxidants. Antioxidants boost energy and fight off free radicals giving, you better focus and attention.

7. Eat Beets.

Beets are full of nitric-oxide which is a natural stimulate. It could be used as pre-workout fuel to give you an extra-boost.

8. Listen to your favourite upbeat song.

According to a study published in 'Fatigue to Fantastic!' music can improve your mood and energy levels by activating different parts of the brain enhancing new nerve connections.

9. Massage your ears.

Sounds loopy, but your energy pathways run throughout your outer ear or in a more sophisticated term, where the body's "acupressure meridians" are. Simply by rubbing up and down the outer ear vigorously for 10 to 30 seconds it will stimulate every organ in the body.

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