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9 Fun Things To Do In Mont-Tremblant That Are Not Skiing Or Snowboarding

Photo cred - Virtual Vivian

When you think of skiing or snowboarding destinations around Montreal, Mont-Tremblant always comes to mind, as it should. Still, not all of us are big into hitting the slopes, and when we get dragged along to a weekend excursion to Mont-Tremblant, we end up just sitting in the chalet doing next to nothing while everyone else has a blast. That may be the fate of folks heading to other ski destinations, but Mont-Tremblant has much more to offer any individual, no matter their idea of fun.

From spa to casino to a plethora of other winter activities, no one should be bored at Mont-Tremblant, especially when off the slopes. Find out all the things you didn’t know you could do at Mont-Tremblant in the list below.

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Photo cred - Peter Dutton

Relax Like You Never Have Before

Some of us simply aren’t built for outdoor winter fun. No problem, because you can chill harder than ever before indoors at Mont-Tremblant with their many offered spa services. Head to Mont-Tremblant’s Scandinavian spa, or the Spa-sur-Lac for a bit of nature in your spa experience. Don’t feel like leaving your room at all? Just order an in-room massage and have all that relax come to you.

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Shop ‘Til You Drop

Take a break from the same old stores you go to every week in Montreal and discover some hidden gems in Mont-Tremblant, which has a surprisingly diverse variety of places to shop. Over 35 retail locations can be found in the Mont-Tremblant area, from small boutiques to larger chain stores. Anyone looking to get a new winter coat will have the grandest of selections, trust.

Eat A Lot, And Drink

Montreal isn’t the only local in the province to have a delectable food scene. Local flavors fuse with international culinary influences to create a diverse array of eatables to be enjoyed in Mont-Tremblant’s 50+ restaurants. No meal is complete without a drink, and be sure there are plenty of watering holes to grab a pint or glass of scotch.

Mountain Bike In The Snow

Actually, this is a real thing. A “fat bike” is basically a mountain bike designed to ridden around all the snowy terrain of Mont-Tremblant. Not only is cruising through some fresh powder on a fat bike exhilarating (definitely on par with going down a slope) but afterwards you can totally say that you bike in the winter and impress all of your Montreal cycling friends who have packed up for the season.

Party With The Locals

Travelling anywhere outside of Montreal can seem like a bore to most party-people, because in comparison, no place stacks up against Montreal. Despite its small size, Mont-Tremblant does its best to come close. You’ll have no shortage of young people to party with (locals and tourists alike) at Mont-Tremblant’s bars, and the winter season is always alive with outdoor concerts and entertainment.

Ride A Dune Buggy In The Snow

Who needs a snowboard when you can cruise through Mont-Tremblant’s Club Iroquois trails in an engine-powered Dune Buggy? That’s right, you don’t. Take a tour like no other in a 4-wheel drive Dune Buggy capable of driving through even the harshest terrain, letting you see areas and natural landscapes you wouldn’t be able to access on two feet, or two skis.

Go Dogsledding

If Dune Buggies aren’t your style, go a little low-tech with an old-school dog sled ride. We’ve all imagined taking the reins of a pack of canines as they pull you through snowy terrain, and you’ll have your chance at Mont-Tremblant. The dogsled tours go through valleys and mountains, with climbs and descents, making for some intense fun.

Do All The Other Winter Sports

Winter has a lot more to offer all you active folks than skiing and snowboarding, some of which are arguably more fun, and definitely easier for those of you who aren’t pros on the slope. At Mont-Tremblant you can do nearly any winter activity imaginable, including (but not limited to) snowshoeing, tubing, cross-country skiing, and ice climbing.

Get Back To Nature

Don’t just stay in your chalet sippin’ hot chocolate and watching Netflix when you visit Mont-Tremblant, because there is so much natural beauty to experience. Mont-Tremblant is home to Domaine St-Bernard, one of the world’s largest eco-touristic park with tons of trails and paths to explore. Or just get back to nature in a less physically exerting way, and go ice fishing on a frozen lake surrounded by a mountainous landscape.

Make It Rain At The Casino

Have a true James Bond moment by hitting up the Casino de Mont-Tremblant, a unique fusion of natural beauty and the thrill of gambling. 500 slot machines can be found inside along with a variety of card and gaming tables (for all you poker stars), and if you play your cards right, you could walk away with some cash at the end of your trip instead of the other way around. Plus, with an in-house restaurant and live musical performances, folks who don’t even like to gamble will have some fun at the casino.