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9 Harsh Realities Of Dating A Guy From Laval

He's a real bro.
9 Harsh Realities Of Dating A Guy From Laval

As of2017, the estimated population of Laval has almost reached half a million. That is a lot of people. And among that half a million is a good chunk of young eligible bachelors.

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As a city girl, you've probably been around the block with the ex-pat French boys, Mile-End hipsters, and trust fund Torontonians which will lead you to find yourself dating a guy, from - yes, Laval. Because sometimes you have to expand your dating horizons beyond the island!

That said, it's always advisable to keep an open mind when dating someone new, but also important to be realistic about expectations from the get-go.  For example, dating someone from the suburbs will always involve long commute time. The realities of going out with a suburb boy will definitely come into play and it's best to be well aware of them before getting in too deep.

9. He will probably take longer to get ready to go out than you

The Laval man I am referring to here is a polished man. Always smelling like a million bucks and with a perfect slicked back coiffure, he will very likely own more hair styling products than you, and his large collection of expensive imported cologne will be proudly showcased on his dresser.

The Laval man knows that looking THIS good is an art. A man doesn't just roll out of bed all prim and proper. So, get ready to factor his daily grooming routine into yours.

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8. He probably lives with his parents

Chances are if he lives in Laval, he still lives with his parents. Regardless of age, living with your parents until you start to settle down yourself is still common practice for big L boys.

This isn't all bad news though. Living in Laval means that 99% of the time he will have a car. If he doesn't have a car, run. Unlike these hipster fixie bike boys of the Mile-End, the Laval hombre will be able to drive around with you in the passenger seat. Now that's a perk.

7. His idea of an epic date night is to take you to Centropolis

For those of you who don't know, Centropolis is one of these commercial mega-malls where dreams go to die. They are designed to emulate the character and charm of a real city center with a pedestrian promenade and shops, restaurant, movie theatre, even a mini-putt course.

But for a city girl, these urban microcosms can never compare to a real downtown experience. So, if you can survive a date-night here, you'll at least know that you really REALLY like him.

6.  Get ready for a lot of family time

Not only does he live at home, but the Laval dude is a family man. If you're not a family girl yourself, this can be a difficult adjustment. Get ready for long evenings of gossiping over wine with his mom and his 10 aunts.

Maybe they will even invite you into the kitchen to help cook - this is a great sign. Regardless, family time is MUST for a Laval man. Take this is a positive thing though - because a family man is always a loyal one.

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5. Seeing each other means at least 45-minute commute each way

They say that the more you invest in something the more you value it. A relationship with a Laval man is an investment because seeing each other will always be a trek.

Especially if you're the one who's taking public transit. As a result, a city girl will not date a Laval man lightly. In other words, if you're taking an hour-long train ride, you better know it's worth it. Bonus point when he picks you up at the train station. Chivalry is not dead with the Laval gentleman.

4. He thinks chilling at Tim Hortons is normal

We all like Tim Hortons for their coffee and donuts, but who actually stays in the place to relax and sip on a hot cup of joe. Only your dude from Laval will think it's normal to have a coffee date at Tim Hortons.

There's nothing relaxing about the smell of bleach and dirty mop water and incessant beeping of the sandwich grills, but he learned to drown out that background noise a long time ago.

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3. His taste in music might be questionable

Growing up in Laval means being deprived of some level of cultural exposure that us city people take for granted. So while you were dancing up a storm with your fake ID on Saint-Laurent street, your Laval boy was probably spending his Friday nights doing gravity bongs in his boy's basement.

As a result, your tastes and interests may seem to be polar opposites. This is not entirely bad though, because, in the long run, you can both learn a lot from each other.

2. He might not understand your fashion choices

Even though he is a polished man himself, a suburb boy might not understand the fashion statements you're trying to make with your "city style". Typical "man-repeller" items like overalls, wide-brim hats, and wide-leg trousers - might make your girlfriends squeal with envy, but your Laval boyfriend will just scratch his chin like the thinking emoji and wonder if you just stepped out a time machine.

But love is more than just skin deep, and if he really likes you, all that packaging won't matter. He will just playfully tease you about your outfits and you'll do the same about all his hair products. #truelove.

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1. You might not speak the same language sometimes. Literally.

When he's with his family he probably speaks Greek, Arabic, Spanish, or Italian. So you literally will be sitting there wondering what the hell is going on. But also - each suburb of the city has its own unique twang and expression. So you might frequently find yourself asking him "what does that mean?". And he might do the same to you.

This can cause some friction at the beginning of a relationship, but over time - this will mean that you will continue to learn new things from each other. Soon, you may even pass as a real Lavalois yourself.

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