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9 Hidden Canadian Spots You Have To Go To With Your Girlfriend This Summer

New sights to bae-hold.

Summer is here, guys. We made it. And although summer is an awesome time for Montrealers in general, some of us might be a little down for a little vacation. It's cool. Sometimes, you just need a little break from the pure awesome that is Montreal.

If you're in a relationship and thinking of taking a little couple's trip outside the city, then I've got some great news for you. Canada is full of gorgeous spots to go to with your significant other - and while there are tons of beautiful, super popular spots, some places are a little lesser known (and just as awesome). If you're looking for a cool Canadian spot to explore with your S/O, then no worries. I've got your back.

1. Cataract Provincial Park, NL

A photo posted by Kevin Connolly (@kevconnolly77) on

If you and your S/O are as in love with nature as you are with each other, then you need to get yourselves to Newfoundland's Cataract Provincial Park. This spot is one seriously gorgeous sight to behold, with gorgeous greenery, a beautiful bridge, and - the best part of all - one incredibly powerful, breathtaking waterfall.

This park also offers camping areas and hiking spots, so you guys can totally pack a bag and some food, admire the impressive waterfall, and then spend the night in the beautiful ambiance.

2. Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, AB

A photo posted by Leo Kruger (@goldenhourkernel) on

Is your bae a history buff? Then you guys probably won't find a better place to visit than Alberta's Writing-on-Stone provincial park, also known as the Áísínai’pi National Historic Site of Canada.

The park is full of history, culture, and archeological finds, and offers tons of tours so that you guys not only get to have an awesome time, but you get to learn a bit while doing it. Seeing as it is a park, though, there are a whole bunch of activities for you guys to do, as well, like hiking, kayaking, rock art tours, and much more.

3. Kildare Capes, PE

A photo posted by Sam Panther (@sampanther1) on

Red sand, gorgeous water, scenic cliffs, and adorable lighthouses? Check, check, check, and check. Kildare Capes, located in Prince Edward Island, is an astounding spot to go and visit with your partner, especially since it's not as crazy well-known as some other areas are.

Plus, you guys can always rent a seaside cottage for a little bit and admire the waves from the comfort of your own (rented) home. If that doesn't sound like one of the cutest couple trip ideas ever, then I don't know what is.

4. Chedoke Falls, ON

A photo posted by Alina Kor (@lina_k) on

Adventure lovers, this one just might be for you. Chedoke Falls is an urban waterfall located in Hamilton, Ontario, situated between a residential area and a golf course. You could take a drive and admire the falls from there, but you tend to get a much better view if you actually hike to the falls.

Unfortunately, access to Chedoke Falls by foot isn't the easiest, despite the fact that there are tons of different walking/hiking trails for you to embark on in olrder to get there. But it's well worth the adventure - the bottom of the falls is gorgeous, so if you're going to decide to take a dip in these beautiful waters, just make sure you're prepared.

5. Caddy Lake, MB

A photo posted by David Seburn (@davidseburn) on

Caddy Lake is a beautiful Manitoba lake running through the Whiteshell Provincial Park, and although there are tons of awesome activities to do there, one of the most lowkey fun things to do is to canoe across the lake, through a series of tunnels known as the Caddy Lake Tunnels.

If you and your S/O are down for a slightly more adventurous hidden destination, then this is quite possibly the most perfect trip for you guys. You can also camp throughout the Whiteshell Provincial Park, making for one seriously awesome trip all together, TBH.

6. Nipekamew Sand Cliffs, SK

A photo posted by Saskatchewan (@tourismsask) on

These fragile, unique, and totally natural sand cliffs are on a whole other level of breathtaking. You're probably going to need to take a little hike out here in order to admire these gorgeous Saskatchewan sand cliffs up close, but it's well worth the effort.

Once you do hike out towards the cliffs, it's like a whole new world. There's peace and quiet, perfect for you and your S/O to enjoy some time together, plus gorgeous views of Saskatchewan's Nipekamew river. Honestly, what more could you possibly ask for?

7. Fundy Trail, NB

A photo posted by •|i|•Ø!+¡].[ (@isxba) on

AKA the Fundy Footpath. This walking/hiking/biking trail is a little shorter than some other ones in Canada - and maybe just a tad lesser-know - but it doesn't make it any less spectacular. In fact, this spot is perfect if you and your significant other want to trek out for the day, see some impressive sights, and spend some fun times together.

The trail includes suspension bridges, lookouts, sea tours beaches, gorgeous views, and much more. So if you're down to go on a little hidden gem adventure, strap on your running shoes and check out this New Brunswick spot.

8. Le Trou de La Fée, QC

A photo posted by Simon Gagnon (@swallap) on

Friends, Quebec is seriously amazing. There are grottoes, adorable towns, beaches, and many more fantastic spots to visit within the province. One of the most breathtaking, though, in my opinion, is Quebec's Parc de la caverne du Trou de la Fée, situated in Quebec's Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Featuring footbridges, hiking trails, a Chinese garden, cliffs, and many other gorgeous things, it's no wonder why the Parc de la caverne du Trou de la Fée is seriously impressive. The only thing that could make this secret spot even better? Chilling there with someone you love.

9. The Butchart Gardens, BC

A photo posted by Iza Toledo (@izatoledo_) on

True, we in Montreal have kind of been spoiled for above and beyond gorgeous gardens by our very own Botanical Gardens. But Victoria, BC's Butchart Gardens deserves one serious visit, especially if you and your significant other love beautiful, breathtaking, fun things. (Which, I mean, of course you do).

Other than the Butchart Gardens offering up one seriously impressive, expansive garden, there are also super fun events - like fireworks and live shows - taking place here on the daily. It's kind of like a beautiful respite in the middle of a city, and it's perfect for the couple vacationing to BC who want a serene break from that city touring grind.

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