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9 Hidden Ontario Spots You Have To Go To With Your Girlfriend Once Or Twice In Your Life

Although both Montreal and Quebec are full of adorable, hidden spots to go to with your significant other for maximum romance, sometimes you just need a slight change in scenery. It's cool if you do. Our city and province is the stuff of legends, but there's nothing wrong with spicing things up a little bit.

And there's no better province to spice things up than Ontario. Ontario is full of awesome spots, just waiting to be explored by you and your significant other. Don't believe me? Well, friends, prepare to believe.

1. Elora Quarry

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Honestly, the Elora Quarry might just be one of the most beautiful spots in all of Ontario. The water is gorgeous and rife for the swimming, a perfect spot for you and your S/O to enjoy some seriously awesome summer vibes.

The Elora Quarry is located in the adorable town of Elora, Ontario, which is also home to the Elora Gorge, where you can fish, raft, swim, camp, and just basically enjoy the outdoors. You guys can also explore the actual town of Elora, which is full of historical wonders, shows, and fun activities to do - including a zipline. Which, I mean, who's not down for a little romantic zipline together?

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2. Katherine's Cove

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Located in Ontario's Lake Superior Provincial Park, Katherine's Cove is a generally hidden portion of this vast - and super fun - park. But its hidden gem feel doesn't make it any less awesome. In fact, with its crystal clear waters, sand, and nearby forested areas, this spot is perfect for a little swim and an incredibly romantic sundown pic nic. Or, you know, whatever you and bae are down to do.

The fact that this spot is located in Lake Superior Provincial Park sweetens the deal, too, because not only can you and your partner chill for the day at Katherine's Cove, but you can also enjoy the numerous activities that the park has to offer. Some examples of the awesome activities waiting for you guys? Canoeing, hiking, fishing, and much, much more.

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3. Scarborough Bluffs

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Alright, if you've ever wanted to spend some time in paradise with the love of your life, then have I got some good news for you. Toronto's Scarborough Bluffs, about a five hour drive out of Montreal, is pretty much one giant beach paradise.

What makes it so awesome? Well, it might have something to do with the beautiful, clear waters, soft, powdery sand, beautiful views, and straight-up good vibes. This spot is perfect for enjoying an adorable picnic with bae, soaking up the sun, enjoying some gorgeous views, and living your best couple summer life.

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4. Flowerpot Island

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Okay, seriously, how highkey gorgeous is Tobermory's Flowerpot Island? If the name sounds familiar, it's because Tobermory is also home to this gorgeous peninsula - but Flowerpot Island is accessible only by boat, making it just a tad more hidden.

Other than a gorgeous beach and some of the prettiest waters I've ever seen, Flowerpot Island is also home to natural sea stacks, campsites, hiking trails, and seriously beautiful views. Most perfect baecation destination? Found.

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5. Cheltenham Badlands

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If you're down to admire the beauty of your s/o while admiring the beauty of nature, then have I got some good news for you. The Cheltenham Badlands, situated in Caledon, Ontario, is the perfect spot for you to do just that.

The badlands themselves are closed off to the public, but there's a viewpoint that gives you a beautiful, sweeping overview of the natural phenomenon. The best part? The badlands are located right near Ontario's famous Bruce Trail, meaning that if you and your significant other are down for a little hiking adventure - well, you came to exactly the right spot.

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6. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

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Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant Provincial Park seriously has some of the most breathtaking views you'll ever see, so it only makes sense that you'd share this spot with one of the most important people in your life.

If scenic views aren't enough to sell you, though, then worry not. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park has a wealth of fun activities for you guys to participate in, such as camping, biking trails, fishing, canoeing, and much, much more. Also, bonus points for having some seriously chill wildlife views - you can see moose, wolves, and tons of bird species, all right there, with your bae.

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7. Killarney Provincial Park

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Alright, I'm just going to get this out of the way now: you can go camping in yurts at this Killarney, Ontario provincial park. If there's anything more cool and romantic then legit yurt camping, I have yet to stumble upon it, guys.

Other than yurt camping, you and your significant other can enjoy a whole bunch of awesome activities, like biking, canoeing, and fishing; gorgeous views; and, if you choose to come here in the winter, you guys can also embark on a winter hiking adventure. Sounds like the most fun you've ever had? You know it.

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8. Albion Falls

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Fan of waterfalls? Everyone is, friends. Thankfully, Ontario has some highkey gorgeous places to go and admire this powerful and breathtaking natural water phenomenon.

But even though Ontario has tons of beautiful waterfalls for you to visit, including the beyond beautiful Chedoke Falls, Hamilton's Albion Falls are especially fantastic. A beautiful and relaxing spot to come and visit in the summer, Albion Falls will totally impress your S/O. Winning on all accounts? You know it.

9. Sandbanks Provincial Park

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For those of us who love the notion of sand, sun, and fun, almost as much as we love our S/Os - well, this one's for you. Located in Prince Edward, Ontario, Sandbanks Provincial Park is pretty much the most perfect beach spot you could possibly take your lover to.

Other than boasting three of the most gorgeous beaches you'll quite possibly ever be able to visit in Canada, Sandbanks Provincial Park also has three different hiking trails, boating and canoeing activities, and a whole bunch of other super fun outdoor things for you and bae to do. So not only do you guys get to chill on a gorgeous beach and soak up those couple summer vibes, but you get to have some serious fun, too.

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