9 Life-Changing Reasons Why You Being Single This Summer Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

It'll all make sense to you.

As you get older and as your friends couple off it becomes more and more difficult to be single. Those difficult moments when people feel sorry for you when you say your not seeing someone, or those awkward moments when you turn up to party and your the only one by themselves.

Well don't you worry because your the one who is going to have the last laugh this summer and here is a couple of reasons why;

1. You will look better

Let's admit it as you get comfortable in a relationship you start to let yourself go for a number of reasons. Firstly you become complacent and don't seem to have as much time as you did single to work out. You are also dating so eat out a lot and even start adopting your partner's bad eating habits. And of course when your single you have more of an incentive and what better time to be looking hot than the summer.

2. You get to watch the film you want

Let's be honest we often compromise in a relationship and end up watching a film we might not like or normally chose to please our partner. And summer is a busy time for blockbusters so what better time to be single and actually watch a film you like.

3. You have more time for your friends

As we get into a relationship we have less and less time for our friends and they often take the back burner. In the summer people are making fun and exciting plans and when your 2 you can't always make it as you are tied by your partner's obligations and plans too.

4. You can date

Summer is literally the best time to date. With the terraces open and lots of activities across town you will have plenty of choice. And what's even better is that the majority of things are free, so you won't feel as guilty about going on a couple of dates a week. And what can be more exciting than meeting new people and maybe even trying something new.

5. You can be selfish

Don't get me wrong it is nice to care and be there for someone but sometimes it's also great to be there for you. And what better time than the summer to take some 'me' time. Only when you are single can you really grab a good read and sunbath for days on end.

6. You can have a summer romance

Sometimes we can be physically attracted to someone but know that they are not long term material of even meet someone on vacation and just know that your paths will never cross again. Well as you are single you can truly profit from the situation and enjoy the buzz of a fun guilt free summer fling.

7. Don't have to share

Ok this is a little bit selfish again, but summer time is hot and ice cream time. And even though sharing is cute let's be honest there is nothing more refreshing and satisfying than eating that ice cream to yourself.

8. More traveling

Summer is the best time to get out and explore the world. When you are in a relationship, you have to work out both of your schedules, choose a place that you both want to go to and the list of mutually agreeable concessions goes on. When you’re single, you can either live by your own restrictions and free take the road and make friends as you go along or even sure to find to one of your friends to grab and drag on for the adventure.

9. Can truly relax

Relationships can involve drama or at least a bit of conflict from time to time as you can't always expect to see things exactly the same. Being single means a relaxed squabble free summer.

In conclusion don't worry or even feel down about being single because your summer will be simply amazing because of it.

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