9 Little Known Spots That Will Show You A Side Of Montreal You’ve Never Seen Before

See your city differently.
9 Little Known Spots That Will Show You A Side Of Montreal You’ve Never Seen Before

Montreal is a diverse city, we all know that. Sometimes it's hard to diversify our routine though. It's easy to get stuck in a routine lull of going to the same old places each day. To the point where you can never leave the same 5-block radius. Pretty sad.

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Considering that Montreal is a beautiful and diverse city, this is something that we Montrealers should always actively be taking advantage of. And it's easy! Knowledge is power and it all starts with knowing where to go. 

Here are some of the places that make Montreal truly unique, and that also will send you either to a trip back in time, into the future, or to another country.  Without hoping on a flight or in a time machine. 

9. Doby And Andy

Why you should go: This Cantonese "Chinese soul food" spot is located in the underground city and doesn't look like much from the outside. But this place serves up some of the most deliciously authentic Chinese dishes in the city at great prices, too.


8. Parc Omega

Why you should go: Similar to the well-known Parc Safari - is a wildlife reserve specifically for our furry Canadian friends. This parc it's located only 45-minutes outside of Montreal in the beautiful Montebello region of Quebec. In this massive parc spanning over 2200 acres, you will find all kinds of native wild animals, including bears, deer, foxes, wolves, and more. Drive through the site in your car and get really close to them without any danger.


7. Gokudu

Why you should go: If you're looking for more than just a simple rum and coke, there are a few bars scattered across the city that not just offer unique and creative original cocktails, but also an interior that will transport you to a totally different place. The inconspicuous bar is located in a very conspicuous area of downtown Montreal, right on Cathcart street. But with a very simple and understated exterior, you may never know it was there, until now.


6. Cine-Parc Marche Aux Puces St-Miche

Why you should go:This Cine-Parc will take you on a trip back in time. is located in Marche-Aux-Puces Saint-Eustache (just 30 minutes outside downtown Montreal) this massive flea market that's only open on weekends and filled with hundreds of vendors selling tons of knick-knacks and trinkets to play with. This old-school drive-in movie theatre is exactly the thing you need to shake up your routine.


5. Little Sheep Hot Pot

Why you should go: This is quite the experience. Similar to Korean or Japanese BBQ at Mongolian Hot Pot you prepare the food yourself at your table. Pick up a tray and head to the raw buffet to choose the items of your choice, and then cook them in a steaming pot of intensely flavored traditional broth. Yum.


4. Saint-Anne-De-Bellevue

Why you should go: Take a quick drive out to Lake Shore Drive in Saint-Anne-De-Bellevue and you will be in for a treat. Scattered along the lakeshore are some of the most beautiful terraces in the city overlooking the water. Sip on your beer or glass of wine while watching the boats come in and out of the harbor. Doesn't get much more scenic than that. And the best part is the sunset from this area is spectacular.


3. Canal Lounge

Why you should go: This unique floating bar is located on the Lachine Canal and is open from Spring until Fall. It remains stationary on the docks located a few steps away from the Atwater Market. Its relaxed ambiance, stunning interior, and laid-back music are perfect for a 5 a 7 or a night out with friends. They officially open on May 27th!


2. Venice MTL

Why you should go: Walking into this old port restaurant and you're instantly transported to another place. Its name definitely does it justice, because everything about this experience feels so far away from Canada. It's a great spot to escape to when you need a break from the city.


1. Kumamoto Ramen

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Why you should go: Restaurant Kumamoto is located in Downtown Montreal is modeled after the Japanese concept of dining alone. The cubicle-style booths allow you to eat without having to see, touch, and barely take notice of other patrons. And with instructions illustrated by a cute bubbly bear cartoon, you barely even need to communicate with the actual staff. Very Japanese.


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