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$9 Million Dollar Makeover For Downtown Montreal Park

Place du Canada is getting spruced up.
$9 Million Dollar Makeover For Downtown Montreal Park

Downtown Montreal's Place du Canada, the city-park between Peel and Metcalfe just south of René-Lévesque, will be getting a 9 million dollar renovation.

Approved by the Ville de Montreal, Héritage Montréal, and mayor Denis Coderre, the $9.2 million makeover is being done to revitalize the city and provide more green space in Montreal.

Renovations will be starting in May, and will run until fall 2015. As is usually the case, the deadline may be pushed back after construction is underway.

A focus on the heritage and history is a focus on the park's remodel, with the architects aiming to maintain the area's Victorian roots and vibe. Nods will also be given park's original use as a cemetery...hopefully nothing too spooky. It's already creepy there are ten thousand graves in the subsoil.

Here are some changes to expect:

  • Creation of new walkways and turf
  • Planting of new flower beds and a total of 90 new trees
  • Creation of new sidewalks and widening of existing
  • Restoration of the site's statues and artworks
  • Installation of sixty benches, twenty waste baskets and a drinking fountain

Renovations are always nice, but maybe nearly ten million dollars could be used elsewhere, like Montreal's already-underdeveloped neighborhoods.

For all the info, check out Ville de Montreal's project plan for the renovations of Place du Canada here.

Does Place du Canada really need a makeover?

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