9 Montreal Bars That Serve You Free Food While You Drink

Get your snack on.
9 Montreal Bars That Serve You Free Food While You Drink

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Free food is the best food, and while only on certain special days is the city graced with an offering of eats at no charge, certain establishments in Montreal are always feeding the masses with snacks to munch on while they drink. God bless these bars, because the city is a better place as they do the Lord's work and help out all us hungry and poor folk.

Anytime you're feeling a bit peckish, or want to ingest something other than fluids as you drink up, here are 9 Montreal bars that give you free food with your drinks.

1. McKibbins on St. Laurent

3515 St. Laurent

Everyday, for all the people needing a quick after school/work snack of beer and finger foods, McKibbons offers a free buffet to all those enjoying their 5@7 specials. The event itself is every weekday from 4pm to 7pm, with the food usually going out arund 5.

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2. Les Trois Brasseurs

732 Sainte-Catherine Street West + other locations

It may be a giant microbrewery franchise, but that doesn't mean Les Trois Brasseurs has forgotten about the little peanuts that make the bar special. And we literally mean peanuts, as you can grab a bag full of 'em for free right at the door to enjoy while you drink, or save a bunch for home snacking.

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3. Carlos & Pepe's

1420 Peel

Not only does this Mexican eatery sport $1 dollar tacos on Sundays, but they also offer free chips and salsa to every single customer, no matter the time of the week.

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4. Bar Biftek

3702 Saint-Laurent

The beloved dive bar on the Main keeps customers thirsty with deliciously salty pop corn that is always on the house, which is perhaps the best ploy to get people to drink more ever.

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5. Snack 'N Blues

5260 St. Laurent

Here's one bar where the name says it all: blues music and decor fill out the atmosphere while a plethora of snacks are readily available to you...so long as you keep buying drinks.

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6. Chez Serge

5301 St. Laurent

Not only does this bar house the infamous mechanical bull of St. Laurent, Chez Serge also gives patrons free popcorn. Ride a bull, eat some popcorn, all at no extra charge.

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7. La Distillerie

300 Ontario E + 2047 Mont-Royal E + 2656 Masson

Going to La Distillerie when there's a line out the door at 10pm won't get you any free snack-age, so instead head there for happy hour where you can mack on free goldfish.

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8. Cafe Bar Dorval

351 Dorval

A bit of a ways out of the downtown core, Cafe Bar Dorval offers all patrons free pretzels and party-mix sized Doritos, thus making the trip worth it.

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9. Burgundy Lion

2946 Notre-Dame W

Being all classy and old-school about it, Burgundy Lion gives you gratis chip and vinegar as you drink, and these chips will put anything you get at the dep to shame.

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