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9 Montreal Bars You Can Get Turnt At If You're Broke AF This Summer

Where money and fun have no correlation.
9 Montreal Bars You Can Get Turnt At If You're Broke AF This Summer

Alright, guys, I'm going to be totally honest with you. I'm broke AF. It's mainly because it's summer, and so updating the wardrobe/going out everywhere/living my best life costs a lot of money, apparently? Anyway, whatever the reason is, I don't have a whole lot of loose change to spend on getting turnt.

And I know that I'm not alone. Like I said, summer in the city is awesome - but it can get expensive. But a lack of funds should not prevent you from having fun, friends; and thankfully, in Montreal, it doesn't have to. There are tons of super fun places where the drinks are super affordable, and the atmosphere is top notch.

1. Blue Dog

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3958 Boul St-Laurent

Blue Dog is quite possibly one of the more popular dive bars in Montreal; but if you've ever been there, you know exactly why.

Not only are the drinks incredibly affordable, but the music is on point, the crowd is always down for an awesome time, and the spot has an undeniably electric vibe. Although you might have to wait a little bit to get in, depending on when you go, trust me when I say that it's more than worth the wait time. Grab a drink, save some money, and prepare to get turnt.


2. Else's

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156 Rue Roy East

TBH, I feel like Else's is the perfect place to go at any point in time. Not only do they have an incredibly warm, friendly, and all-around chill atmosphere, but they also happen to serve up food and drink for super cheap.

Which is awesome, because with a super tasty selection of food (including their cheesecake, which is basically heaven on a plate), tons of varieties of beer, and their stellar atmosphere, you're pretty much never going to want to leave this spot.


3. Bifteck

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3702 Boul St-Laurent

Honestly, how much fun is Bifteck? This Montreal institution (yes, to me it's an institution) on The Main is pro at serving up inexpensive drinks - especially beer pitchers, which makes it the perfect place to grab a few friends and unwind.

Plus, bonus points for their free popcorn, pool tables, and incredibly laid-back vibe. Perfectly chill, inexpensive spot for hanging out until the wee hours of the night? Found.


4. Barfly

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4062 Boul St-Laurent

If you're at all into dive bars in Montreal, then the chances are very high that you know about Barfly.

Not only does this spot offer up one seriously friendly atmosphere, but the drinks are inexpensive - and amazing - AF. Which, of course, makes it one of the most perfect spots in the city to grab all your friends, split a pitcher, and indulge in Barfly's good vibes while unwinding from a super hectic day. Or week. Or month. Or, you know, whatever.


5. Le Belmont

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4483 Boul St-Laurent

Does your definition of getting turnt involve going hard on the dance floor? Yes? Well, then this spot is totally for you.

Le Belmont, in Montreal's Mile End, features drinks that are incredibly reasonably priced; awesome music; a dance floor; and a crowd that, I think, seriously never sleeps. It's the place to go to if you're down to have one seriously fun time, without wasting all of your hard-earned money. Trust me on this, friends.


6. Moose Bawr

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1817 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

If you're in downtown Montreal, up for a good time, and incredibly up for saving a few bucks, then you're going to want to head to Moose Bawr.

Located right next to Concordia University, this spot features reasonably priced drinks, a gorgeous terrasse - overlooking Sainte-Catherine street - and some incredibly tasty food (like their incredibly yummy kimchi poutine, which changed up the poutine game for me, to be totally honest). Add this up with their incredibly chill vibe and welcoming atmosphere, and you've got one seriously awesome spot on your hands, friend.


7. Notre Dame Des Quilles

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32 Rue Beaubien E

Get turnt and go bowling? Yes, this is a possibility - and a necessity, TBH - at Notre Dame Des Quilles.

Not only does this spot feature a tiny bowling alley (but bowl responsibly, friends), a fun vibe, awesome music, and an overall super unique feeling, but the drinks here also happen to be incredibly cheap. This is especially true if you show up during happy hour; so bring some friends, a couple of bucks, your best bowling face, and prepare to have one seriously good time.


8. Alexandraplatz

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6731 Avenue de l'Esplanade

Located in Rosemont, and part warehouse, Alexandraplatz is kind of a hidden gem in the city. But if you're willing to find it, trust me, you're going to have one awesome time.

Boasting some super inexpensive liquor and a super chill, local bar type of vibe, this spot is perfect for unwinding with your friends after work over a few beers. Bonus points for their awesome terrasse, which is just as welcoming as the actual bar itself, and is probably the perfect spot to spend your summer days at.


9. Chez Baptiste

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1045 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Beer lovers, this one's for you. Chez Baptiste boasts a huge variety of both local and imported beers... all of them for incredibly fair prices.

This spot boasts an incredibly relaxing, fun, and welcoming vibe; but, admittedly, it's best enjoyed chilling with friends, possibly on their awesome terrasse. So if your idea of getting turnt AF does not involve a dance floor and regrettable selfies, then this is the spot for you.


Bonus: La Shop

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4177a Rue Saint-Denis

I'm just going to get straight to the point here: this Plateau bar serves up $2/$3 shots. Yes. That's right. If you're anything like me, who prefers that their alcohol comes in one ounce plastic cups but hates the $5+ price tag that comes along with it, then this spot is paradise.

La Shop also offers tons of different drinks at roughly this same price point; and with their super fun, vibrant atmosphere, this spot is sure to become your next fave hangout spot.

Unfortunately, La Shop is closed for the summer - which is why it's only a bonus item on this list. But make a note of this spot once it reopens, and make sure to keep yourself updated via their Facebook page.


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