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9 Montreal Buildings And What They ACTUALLY Look Like

Architecture from another angle.
9 Montreal Buildings And What They ACTUALLY Look Like

Recognized throughout the world for its amazing architecture, Montreal is home to some fairly striking buildings and constructions that simply can't be found anywhere else in the nation, or the world.

But while everyone else is obsessed with the city's old churches or latest architectural wonders, what's often glossed over is the more peculiar elements of Montreal's many buildings. Particularly, how some buildings happen to bear a striking resemblance to a rather strange assortment of objects/things, and there are a few.

Cats, gaming consoles, genitalia, the list of building-twins goes on and on. See what I'm talking about in the our list of 9 Montreal buildings and what they actually look like below.

Olympic Tower = A Giant D*ck

My mind may be perpetually in the gutter, but even folks with a less deviant brain can agree the Olympic Tower is basically just a ginormous twig and berries.

If you aren't too familiar with euphemisms, what I'm trying to say is that the Olympic Tower looks like a big ol' d*ck. Seriously, just look at the two photos above and tell me the tower doesn't look like a scrotal monument to male fertility. That's right, I thought so.

The Olympic Stadium = A UFO

Now, when taking a look at the Olympic Stadium itself, the building evokes a different, less phallic imagery. In fact, the building resembles something not of this world: a flying saucer.

I'm actually half-convinced the Olympic Stadium was built as a combo sporting event site and space travel vehicle, which would account for the gross amount of money that went into constructing the stadium.

Concordia's EV Building & JMSB Building = A Giant PS4 & Xbox

Granted, Concordia's EV (right in image above) and JMSB Buildings (left) look pretty damn similar, save for the EV building being slightly more elongated, a fact that only lends more credence to the notion that both look like popular console systems.

To be specific, the taller EV building with its more pronounced middle column, looks a lot like an upright PS4, whereas the JSMB Building, a little chunkier than its PS4-looking partner, resembles the Xbox One.

Unfortunately, other than their shape, neither building has all that many fun and games, as Concordia students will tell you.

Photo cred -

Orange Julep = A Germ-filled ball you'd pull out of children's ball pit.

So, as we all know, the Orange Julep building is supposed to look like a huge orange, except it doesn't. See, oranges aren't just a perfect sphere of, well, orange, the fruit has little specks, and a stem at times, like in the Tropicana logo.

But the Orange Julep lacks any minor details, and instead stands as a giant sphere of plastic orange, looking more like an oversized version of a ball pit ball. Adding to the similarity is the fact that the two are probably pretty close when it comes to the number of germs on each.

Photo cred - canuckistan

KPMG Tower = A Giant Cat

If anyone reading is privy to checking out the Montreal skyline under the night sky, you may have picked out this building before and said to yourself "hey, that kind of looks like a cat's head." And you're not wrong, because the KMPG tower totally sports cat ears, making the entire 34-story building look like an elongated feline.

But, if I'm being really honest, I actually refer to the former Maison des Coopérants or Place de la Cathédrale (as the KPMG Tower was once known) as the "Bat building," as the tiny pointy ears on the top look more like what you'd find on Batman's head than on a real cat.

Photo cred - Wikimedia

Habitat 67 = The Lego Creation Of Some Sugar-Hyped Kid With ADHD

Okay, I know that Habitat 67 is (or at least was) heralded as some sort of architectural innovation, and don't get me wrong, the apartment complex looks cool, but it also looks like something a 4-year-old hopped up on sugar would make with their Legos, or Mega-Blocks, if you want to be super-Quebecois about it.

Biosphere = A Golf ball/Epcot rip-off

You've definitely thought of this one before, because the resemblance between the Biosphere (once the American pavilion for Expo 67) and the Epcot ball is hard to ignore.

Technically, the Biosphere predates the iconic Epcot building by about twenty years, so to play it safe, it's probably best to say that both just look like golf balls.

Palais des congrès = A Stoner's Kaleidoscope

This is nothing against the multicoloured glass found in Palais des congrès, because it all definitely adds an element of whimsy to the convention centre, and is also a tad bit trippy.

With that notion in mind, it's pretty easy to see how Palais des congrès's rainbow-like glass looks like something a stoner would have to show his friend while they're all smoking a jay, directly followed up with "the colours man, you can like, SEE the colours."

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