9 Montreal Festivals You Can Get Hired To Work At This Summer

Be a part of the action and get paid.
9 Montreal Festivals You Can Get Hired To Work At This Summer

Montreal is home to some of the world’s best festivals.

Actually there are over 20 of them!

Now you too can be part of all the events that make Montreal so great.

These jobs will get you VIP and backstage access to some of the best shows while getting paid to do so. There are also full time career opportunities and well as volunteering gigs that come with some pretty sweet benefits.

Don't miss out!

Here are 9 Montreal Festivals looking for people to hire now:

Just For Laughs

If you're going to be working, you might as well be working at one of the happiest places on earth besides Disneyland. Just to prove how funny they are, here's the actual quote from their job application page: "THAT SQUEEGEE GIG NOT WORKING OUT FOR YOU?"

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Before you freak out, let me say this. This is a volunteer job, but it offers so many benefits that it barely qualifies as volunteer work. You're clearly getting compensated here. You get 2 meals a day, free beer coupons, free t-shirts, access to an exclusive VIP Party, a bunch of free specialty beers you get to take home with you, free beer mugs as well as a ton of swag from various sponsors.

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Fringe Fest

Here's another festival that rewards you by giving you free access to the event itself. When you work at Fringe Fest, you receive Fringe Bucks which you can trade to watch shows. 4 hours of volunteer work = 1 show. There are also special VIP shows exclusively for volunteers as well as ton of prizes to be won and even a special auction where you can spend your leftover fringe bucks.

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Pop Montreal

Pop Montreal is currently offering 3 paid summer internships for students as well as a number of volunteer positions. The jobs include Festival Program and Ad Sales Coordinator, Segment Marketing Coordinator and Online Content and Website Coordinator.

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Parc Jean-Drapeau

This is your chance to join the the Société du Parc Jean-Drapeau team. They offer a multitude of diverse and amazing jobs in a unique environment. When you work at Parc Jean-Drapeau, you have the opportunity to be part of one of the nicest recreational-touristic sites in the country. Their job page is constantly being update so keep an eye out.

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Mural Fest

As you know the murals that are created during Mural Fest are world famous and you can be part of the team that brings them to life! But hurry up! MuralFest is nearly upon us.

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F1 Weekend

Ever wanted to be close to the F1 cars? So close you can touch them? Well now you can actually be the guy who tells other people: "Please don't touch car". Plus you're right in the middle of the action during Montreal's craziest weekend.

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Pride Parade

Why should you be part of the Pride Parade? You not only get to be involved in an exciting project, you get to defend LGBT human rights, meet extraordinary people, learn and develop skills and best of all, you are helping the community.

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This is your chance to be a part of the world's biggest jazz festival. And the best part is you'll actually be getting paid. Plus you'll see what goes on behind the scenes, get access to a bunch of shows and maybe even meet a few of your idols.

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